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TP002 $23 Café Concertino
new Australian music
performed by
the Australia Ensemble

TP004 $23 Songs of Sea and Sky
Nigel Westlake (clarinets)
David Bollard (piano)

TP012 $20 Antarctica
Film Music by Nigel Westlake

TP013 $23 Carl Vine - Chamber Music Volume 1

TP016 $23 Christmas under Capricorn
The Australian Youth Orchestra
with Graham Abbott (conductor)

TP020 $23 The Hands the Dream
Daniel Herscovitch (piano)

TP024 $20 The Battlers
Film Music by Carl Vine

TP030 $23 Synergy with Samuels
Synergy Percussion
Dave Samuels (vibraphone)

TP035 $23 Chamber Music of Georges Lentz

TP037 $23 Notations
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP039 $23 Windows in Time

TP040 $23 Stroke
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP043 $23 Points of Departure

TP045 $23 The Country of Here Below
Ross Bolleter
(ruined pianos and accordions)

TP046 $23 Christmas Day
Quodlibet Singers
Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra

TP047 $23 Onomatopoeia
Chamber Music of Nigel Westlake

TP048 $23 Incredible Floridas
Chamber Music of Richard Meale
the Australia Ensemble

TP049 $23 Retrospect
Larry Sitsky (piano)

TP051 $23 Ecstatic Dances
Chamber Music of Ross Edwards

TP053 $23 Chamber Music of Andrew Ford

TP056 $23 Souvenir
Graham Wood (violin)
David Bollard (piano)

TP058 $23 A Patchwork of Shadows
Ian Munro (piano)

TP064 $23 The Green CD
The Song Company
Roland Peelman (musical director)

TP065 $23 Chamber Music of Andrew Schultz
Margaret Schindler (soprano)

TP067 $23 Violin recital
Marina Marsden (violin)
Robert Chamberlain (piano)

TP068 $23 John Lemmoné
Flute Works
Paul Curtis (flute)
David Miller (piano)

TP069 $23 Spinning
Geoffrey Collins (flutes)
David Miller (piano)
David Pereira (cello)

TP071 $23 Awakening

TP072 $23 Wattamolla Red
Electronic Music by Martin Wesley-Smith

TP073 $23 Clare Maclean
The Complete Choral Music

TP075 $23 Cello Dreaming
David Pereira (cello)

TP080 $23 Mere Bagatelles
Ian Munro (piano)

TP084 $23 Viola Concerti
Patricia Pollett (viola)

TP085 $20 The Edge
Film Music by Nigel Westlake

TP086 $23 A Day in the Life of a Clarinet
Peter Jenkin (clarinets)

TP089 $23 Sculthorpe
Complete String Quartets Vol 1

Goldner String Quartet

TP090 $23 Sculthorpe
Complete String Quartets Vol 2

Goldner String Quartet

TP095 $23 In the Pipeline
Pipeline Project

TP096 $23 Uluru
David Pereira - cello

TP098 $23 Viola Power
Patricia Pollett (viola)

TP101 $10 Inner World - Carl Vine
David Pereira (cello)

TP105 $23 Jamaican Rumba: Volume 1
Arthur Benjamin - the piano music
Ian Munro - piano

TP107 $23 Little Ripper
Wind band music
by David Stanhope

TP111 $23 Quito
A radio drama by Martin and Peter Wesley-Smith

TP112 $23 Peggy Glanville-Hicks
The Songs

TP113 $23 A garden of Earthly Delights
Australian Youth Orchestra

TP114 $23 Horn Trios
Hector McDonald (horn)
John Harding (violin)
Ian Munro (piano)

TP115 $23 The Selfish Giant
Ballet music by Graeme Koehne

TP116 $23 Margaret Sutherland
The Chamber Music for Strings

TP117 $10 An Australian Collection
Various performers

TP120 $23 Carl Vine - Chamber Music Volume 2

TP124 $23 Jan Sedivka
An 80th birthday celebration

TP126 $23 Raft Song at Sunrise
Ross Edwards
Chamber Music Vol. 2

TP127 $23 Anne Boyd
Crossing a Bridge of Dreams

TP128 $23 Harbour
Music by Andrew Ford
Gerald English - tenor

TP129 $23 Australian Cello
Georg Pedersen (cello)
David Bollard (piano)

TP133 $23 Red Earth
Tall Poppies Ensemble

TP136 $23 Peter Sculthorpe
Music for Cello

TP139 $38 Tristram Cary - Soundings
Electroacoustic Works 1955-1996

TP142 $23 There came a Wind like a Bugle
Nigel Butterley Chamber Music

TP143 $23 Lift Off
Australian Piano Music for Children

TP145 $23 Anne Ghandar - Piano Music
Ian Munro & Anne Ghandar, piano

TP146 $23 Graeme Murphy's Body of Work

TP147 $23 Purple Black and Blues
Elena Kats-Chernin Piano Music

TP148 $23 The Potato Factory
Music by Carl Vine

TP149 $23 Mythologia
Carl Vine
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

TP150 $23 Icarus
Music by Andrew Ford

TP152 $23 Terrains
Music by Peter Sculthorpe & Michael Hannan

TP154 $23 The Inner Line
Stephen Emmerson
Bernard Lanskey
(piano 4 hands)

TP155 $23 Recital
Australian Art Song

TP158 $10 Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler
Welcome to Tall Poppies!

TP160 $23 landscape's creatures
Sydney Chamber Choir

TP161 $23 Fantasies
Esther van Stralen - viola

TP162 $23 Still Life

TP171 $23 Suspended Preludes
Andrew Schultz
Chamber Music Vol. 2

TP174 $23 Down Longford Way
The Music of Katharine Parker

For the time being this CD is only available as FLAC/MPS/audio files.

TP178 $23 Fretsongs
Tasmanian music for guitar

TP179 $23 Woman's Song
Australian settings of Judith Wright

TP180 $23 Electric Cello

TP181 $23 Chamber of Horrors
Chamber music by Elena Kats-Chernin

TP183 $23 Water Settings
Match plays music for duo percussion

TP186 $23 Blue Rags
Ian Munro - piano

TP187 $23 The Hinchinbrook Riffs
Chamber Music by Nigel Westlake, Vol. 2

TP188 $23 Bruce Cale
Orchestral Works

TP190 $23 Carl Vine: The Piano Music (1990 - 2006)
Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)

TP193 $23 Coil
Claire Edwardes

TP196 $23 Slow Food
Elena Kats-Chernin piano

TP197 $23 Raymond Hanson
Complete Works for Violin and Piano
Susan Collins - violin
David Miller - piano

TP200 $23 Merry-Go-Round
Chamber music by Martin Wesley-Smith
Australia Ensemble
Timothy Constable (percussion)

TP202 $23 Bright Vessel
Recent Australian Oboe Music

Stephen Robinson - oboe, oboe d'amore
Merlyn Quaife - soprano
Elyane Laussade - piano
Marshall McGuire - harp
Peter Neville - percussion
Slava Grigoryan - guitar

TP204 $23 Bolmimerie
SHE (Seven Harp Ensemble)

TP205 $23 Abrazo Tango

TP206 $23 Peter Sculthorpe
The String Quartets, Vol. 3
Goldner String Quartet

TP207 $23 The Metallic Violins
Australian music for violin duo

James Cuddeford & Natsuko Yoshimoto

- Matthew Hindson Metallic Violins sample
TP209 $23 The Waltz Book
60 one-minute waltzes by Andrew Ford
Ian Munro, piano

- Track 35: Perpetual Waltz
- Track 54: Skitter Waltz
TP210 $23 Don Kay: Bird Chants
Vanessa Sharman, piano

TP211 $23 Across the Top
Paul Cutlan: bass clarinet, composer
Brett Hirst: bass
The NOISE Quartet: Veronique Serret, Liisa Pallandi: violin
James Eccles viola Ollie (Oliver) Miller: cello
Special guest Mara Kiek: tapan (track 5)

TP212 $23 Alternating Currents
Bernadette Harvey - piano

- Baciewicz Piano Sonata #2 III (Toccata opening)
TP215 $23 Flash
Miniatures for Marimba
Claire Edwardes - marimba

TP218 $23 Osanna
Choral Music by Clare Maclean
Sydney Chamber Choir
Paul Stanhope- conductor

- Clare Maclean: In the Year that King Uzziah Died
TP220 $23 Mantras and Night Flowers
Music by Ross Edwards and Carl Vine
Bernadette Harvey - piano

TP221 $23 Six Fish
Guitar Trek celebrating 25 years

TP222 $23 Blue Silence
Australian music for cello and piano
David Pereira - cello
Timothy Young - piano

- Jungle Fever (middle section )/Pereira & Young/Matthew Hindson
TP223 $23 One
Claire Edwardes - percussion

- Xenakis Rebonds B (beginning)
TP224 $23 Paul Terracini: Music for Brass
Sydney Brass
Soloists: Paul Goodchild, Scott Kinmont
Conductor: Paul Terracini

TP227 $23 Inspirations
Ian Holtham - piano

- Katy Abbott: Glisten (beginning)
TP233 $23 The Emerald Leopard
Josie and the Emeralds
Josie Ryan, soprano; Brooke Green, (director), Laura Moore, Catherine Upex, Fiona Ziegler, viols
Guest artists: Belinda Montgomery, soprano
Margo Adelson, Anthea Cottee, Elizabeth Rumsey, Laura Vaughan, viols
Jacques Emery, double bass and percussion

TP234 $23 History Goes Everywhere
AustraLYSIS Electroband
Roger Dean: leader, piano, computer
Sandy Evans: saxophones
Greg White: computer
Hazel Smith: text, performer

- Opening of ElectroTime
TP235 $23 Song Offerings
2 Song Cycles by Val Gavin
Julian Gavin: tenor
May Gavin: piano

- Shropshire Lad I (opening)
TP236 $23 Kingfisher
Songs for Halcyon
performed by
Alison Morgan: soprano
Jenny Duck-Chong: mezzo soprano
Laura Chislett Jones: piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute
Jason Noble: clarinet, bass clarinet
Geoffrey Gartner: cello
William Jackson, Joshua Hill: percussion

- Andrew Ford To my Excellent Lucasia opening
TP237 $23 Midnight Songs
Joel Brennan - trumpet
Don Immel - trombone
Ken Murray - guitar

- Opening of Torque by Ken Murray
TP239 $23 Mass of the Dreaming
Australian Sacred Choral Music
Brisbane Chamber Choir Graeme Morton, director

- Ross Edwards Mass Gloria opening
TP240 $23 The Prospect and Blower of Bliss
Music by Johanna Selleck
Poetry by Aphra Behn and Graeme Ellis

Merlyn Quaife - soprano
Judith Dodsworth - soprano
Arwen Johnston - percussion
Anne Norman - shakuhachi
Caroline Almonte - piano

- Seven Tanks Movt 4 opening
TP241 $23 Amatorios
Music for Voice and Guitar
Rebecca MacCallion, soprano Bradley Kunda, guitar

- The song and the sigh, from Love, the Rover
TP242 $23 Yakiya
Adrian Sherriff - bass trombone
Jonathan Dimond - electric bass
Adam King - drums

- Yakiya (opening)
TP244 $23 rockpoolmirror
A Suite of Music by Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans: soprano & tenor saxophone
Steve Elphick: double bass
Alon Ilsar: airsticks & drums
Satsuki Odamura: koto & bass koto
Adrian Sherriff: bass trombone
Bobby Singh: tabla

- Rock Warrior
TP245 $23 Home by Eleven
Mix't Trio
Matt Styles: soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, flute. alto flute
Paul Tanner: marimba, vibraphone, cajon, percussion
Adam Pinto: piano, bass thongaphone

- Home by 11 opening
TP246 $40 Immersion (3 CD set)
Deborah Kayser (Soprano)
Adam Simmons (Saxophones, clarinets)
Anthony Schulz (Piano Accordion)
Peter Neville (Percussion)
Matthias Schack Arnott (Percussion)
Nick Tsiavos (Contrabass/Composer and Artistic Director)
Jim Atkins (Producer/Recording Engineer)

- What were you looking for (opening)
TP248 $23 Music for Percussion and Electronics
Music for Percussion and Electronics

TP249 $23 three kinds of silence
Chamber music by Christine McCombe

- Love Into Stone opening
TP250 $23 This Moment must be sung
Chamber Songs by Andrew Schultz

Jenny Duck-Chong and Alison Morgan
together with
Anna Martin-Scrase (cello)
Jennifer Druery (double bass)
William Jackson (percussion)
Rowan Phemister (harp)
Sally Whitwell (piano)
Luke Spicer, (conductor)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Geoffrey Gartner (cello)
Chris Cartner (piano)
Kirsty McCahon (double bass)

- I am writing (opening)
TP251 $23 The Sonata Project
Bernadette Harvey - piano

- Ross Edwards Sea Star Fantasy 2
TP252 $23 Diamond Morning
Viney-Grinberg Duo
Music for Two Pianos

- Opening of Adams Hallelujah Junction
TP255 $23 Australian Premières
First recordings of unperformed Australian symphonies

- Marshall Hall opening
TP256 $23 Transformation
Music by Roger Smalley for percussion, piano and electronics
Adam Pinto (piano)
Chris Tonkin (electronics)
Paul Tanner (percussion)

- Opening of Music for an Imaginary Ballet
TP257 $23 SPACE
Colin Bright Syzygy Band
Paul Cutlan - bass clarinet, saxes + FX
Nick Polovineo - trombone + FX
Noam Jaffe - violin + FX
Stephen Morley - horn + FX
Jim Piesse - percussion + FX
Colin Bright - piano + FX + sampling

- Colin Bright SPACE (opening)
TP258 $23 From the Hungry Waiting Country
Halcyon performs Elliott Gyger
Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo-soprano) and
Alison Morgan (soprano) with

Jo Burton (mezzo-soprano)
Matthew Coorey (conductor)
Ewan Foster (viola)
Geoffrey Gartner (cello)
Vladimir Gorbach (guitar)
Genevieve Lang (harp)
Belinda Montgomery (soprano)
Alexandre Oguey (cor anglais)
Roland Peelman (conductor)
Sally Walker (flute)
Sally Whitwell (piano)

TP262 $46 Dracula (2 CDs)
An opera by David Stanhope
Lorina Gore Silvia Colloca Catherine Bouchier Jud Arthur
Nicholas Jones David Hamilton Barry Ryan Peter Coleman-Wright
David Stanhope and His Orchestra

- Dracula Act 1 opening words
TP264 $23 Australian Premieres Vol. 2
World premiere recordings of four Australian works for orchestra and soloist(S)
Soloists: Ryszard Pusz (percussion)
Dimity Hall (violin) and Julian Smiles (cello)
David Stanhope (piano)
David Stanhope & His Orchestra

TP268 $23 Blue Sky Through Still Trees
Piano Music by Don Kay, Volume 2
Vanessa Sharman - piano

TP269 $23 David Pereira Cello Works
David Pereira - cello
Lianah Jaensch - cello
Edward Neeman - piano

- Sad Old Fish Lady "Frivolity"
TP271 $23 The Emerald Phoenix
Josie and the Emeralds

- Emerald Phoenix Spears
TP272 $23 In Memoriam
Adam Pinto: piano

- Roger Smalley: Gamelan. Adam Pinto
TP273 $23 Pearl of May
Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble

- Her Wild Spirit: Sandy Evans



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