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Horn Trios

Hector McDonald (horn)
John Harding (violin)
Ian Munro (piano)

$23   (Australian dollars)


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A dazzling trio playing horn trios by Banks, Berkeley and Brahms. If you managed to catch their performances around Australia earlier this year you'll know how wonderfully these musicians work together.

Lennox BerkeleyHorn Trio, Op. 44 (1952)
Don BanksHorn Trio (1962)
Johannes BrahmsHorn Trio, Op. 40 (1865)


The three Bs represented on this disc are not the usual threesome invoked in musicís pantheon, but two of them, Brahms (who usually makes it in Germanic versions of the three Bs) and the Australian Don Banks, are almost inevitably involved when the category of music being performed is that of the horn trio (hom, violin and piano).

Brahmsís hom trio is probably the supreme work of its genre. Banks did so well in fashioning a hom trio under the influence of serial principles of composition that his work - written in 1962 for the Australian musicians Barry Tuckwell, Brenton Langbein and Maureen Jones - makes him a logical candidate in this instance for alliterative grouping with Brahms.

Lennox Berkeley, an English composer who once collaborated with Britten (you can hear the influence of his great contemporary on him from time to time in this piece) and who has an accomplished composer son, Michael, does not rival the creative achievements of his fellow composers here, but does add an outstandingly agreeable and typically shapely piece.

The three instrumentalists who perform these works are eminent Australian players. Hector McDonald is solo hom with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, John Harding is co-concertmaster of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Ian Munro is a very highly regarded concerto soloist and chamber music pianist who plays an Australian-made Stuart piano on this disc. These three musicians recently toured Australia for Musica Viva, confirming the quality of collaboration they exhibit here. The recorded sound is generous and suitably radiant.
Roger Covell
Sydney Morning Herald July 1999

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