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Chamber Music of Andrew Ford

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Duo Contemporain
Gerald English (tenor)
Griffith University Ensemble
Tasmanian Symphony Chamber Players

The highlights of this CD are the works composed for tenor Gerald English, and the success of this CD has generated another project for recording in 1998 featuring all the works Ford has written for English.

Chamber Music by Andrew Ford

The Art of Puffing
Duo Contemporain:
Henri Bok (bass clarinet/alto sax)
Miguel Bernat (percussion)
Sacred PlacesGerald English (tenor)
Griffith University Ensemble
Stephen Savage (conductor)
PastoralTasmanian Symphony Chamber Players
WhispersGerald English (tenor)
Griffith University Ensemble


…there is a good deal that is engaging and substantial. The Art of Puffing is a set of 17 continuous aphorisms … it is sprightly, clean textured and, in its several melodic sections, unsentimental. Pastoral, for string ensemble, is even better and is extremely well performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Chamber Players.
John Carmody
Sun-Herald February 1996

…he writes music like he writes words. In his journalism, he effortlessly translates technical matters for the layperson. He does the same in his music – present the ideas of twentieth century music in accessible and unfrightening ways.
The four premiere recordings on 'whispers' show how important words are to him in a piece of music. Even the Art of Puffing, which is not a vocal piece, was inspired by the short life of the poet Thomas Chatterton. … I feel Ford's musical temperament … is mainly one of lyricism and balance. Shapely melodies are important, where leaps are balanced by steps, and leaps in one direction are balanced by leaps in the other… Whispers is extremely clever in the way it manipulates the listener's sympathies.
Lyle Chan

One of the most striking things about the performances in the collection… is the wonderful interplay between soloist and accompanist. This is clearly a partnership of formidable equals, Bollard showing tremendous restraint throughout, exhibiting great respect for the violin soloist and Wood delivering the goods as and when appropriate but careful not to upset the delicate balance of the music. Wood's playing is most satisfying, with the requisite depth of colour and temperament developed in each piece.… The excellence of both the playing and the recorded sound must earn this disc a strong recommendation for light listening.
Simon Singer
Danish News

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