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TP001 $23 For Children
Geoffrey Tozer - piano

- Tozer Mozart Minuet in F
TP003 $23 For Flute & Guitar
Virginia Taylor (flute), Timothy Kain (guitar)

TP009 $23 Mozart Unexpurgated
The Song Company with
Roland Peelman (musical director) and
Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)

TP010 $23 Evocations: The Poet
David Pereira (cello), David Bollard (piano)

TP011 $23 Schubert
the Australia Ensemble

TP017 $23 Only Cello
David Pereira (cello)

TP022 $23 Mozart Sonatas for Fortepiano
Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)

TP023 $23 Schumann Lieder
Gerald English (tenor), Roger Smalley (piano)

TP029 $23 Mozart: Complete Wind Quartets
Australia Ensemble
Geoffrey Collins (flute)
David Nuttall (oboe)

TP041 $23 Schumann Works for Oboe
David Nuttall (oboe)
Larry Sitsky (piano)

TP042 $23 Horn Concertos
Hector McDonald (horn)
Academy of Melbourne
Brett Kelly (conductor)

TP046 $23 Christmas Day
Quodlibet Singers
Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra

TP054 $23 Josquin
Sydney Chamber Choir
Nicholas Routley (director)

TP055 $23 Alkan
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP056 $23 Souvenir
Graham Wood (violin)
David Bollard (piano)

TP057 $23 Harpsichord Recital
Nicholas Parle (harpsichord)

TP062 $23 Piano recital
Mary Warnecke (piano)

TP066 $23 Janacek
Complete Piano Music
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP067 $23 Violin recital
Marina Marsden (violin)
Robert Chamberlain (piano)

TP070 $38 Mozart
The Complete Piano Trios
(2 CD set)

TP076 $23 Beethoven Sonatas
Stephen Savage (piano)

TP077 $23 The Secular Josquin
The Song Company
Nicholas Routley (guest director)

TP078 $23 Cello Rhapsody
David Pereira (cello)
David Bollard (piano)

TP079 $23 Schubert Finished
Ian Munro (piano)

TP081 $23 Alkan & Magnard
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP084 $23 Viola Concerti
Patricia Pollett (viola)

TP086 $23 A Day in the Life of a Clarinet
Peter Jenkin (clarinets)

TP087 $23 Mozart
Australian String Quartet
Katharine Brockman (viola)

TP088 $23 Virtuoso Transcriptions
David Stanhope (piano)

TP094 $23 Claude Debussy: Piano Music, Vol. 1
Roy Howat (piano)

TP097 $23 Meditation
Olivier Messiaen's organ music

TP104 $23 Kodály
Mary Warnecke (piano)

TP105 $23 Jamaican Rumba: Volume 1
Arthur Benjamin - the piano music
Ian Munro - piano

TP110 $23 Goldberg Variations
Nicholas Parle (harpsichord)

TP114 $23 Horn Trios
Hector McDonald (horn)
John Harding (violin)
Ian Munro (piano)

TP119 $23 Romancing the Oboe
David Nuttall: oboe
Timothy Kain: guitar

TP121 $38 Johann Caspar Kerll
Complete Keyboard Music
2-CD set

TP122 $23 Sweeter Than Roses
Henry Purcell: Songs and harpsichord pieces

TP123 $23 Claude Debussy: Piano Music, Vol. 2
Roy Howat - piano

TP131 $23 Mozart & Brahms: The Clarinet Quintets
Australia Ensemble

TP134 $23 Jamaican Rumba: Volume 2
Arthur Benjamin - Chamber Music

TP135 $23 David Stanhope plays

TP140 $38 Bach: Clavierübung III
John O'Donnell - organ

TP141 $23 The Ockeghem Legacy
Sydney Chamber Choir

TP144 $38 Bach: The Cello Suites
(2 CDs)

TP154 $23 The Inner Line
Stephen Emmerson
Bernard Lanskey
(piano 4 hands)

TP157 $23 Dietrich Buxtehude Cantatas
Arcadia, directed by Jacqueline Ogeil

TP158 $10 Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler
Welcome to Tall Poppies!

TP161 $23 Fantasies
Esther van Stralen - viola

TP166 $23 Bach for Christmas

TP172 $23 Brahms
Violin Sonatas

TP189 $23 Café Fiddle
Ben Breen - violin
Milton Kaye - piano

TP192 $23 Christmas to Candlemas
Christmas to Candlemas
Ensemble Gombert
John O’Donnell - musical director

TP194 $23 Trio Sonatas
Accademia Arcadia

TP201 $23 Joseph Haydn
Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1
Geoffrey Lancaster, fortepiano

- Haydn Sonata no 33 (Hob 20) 3rd movt
TP208 $23 Joseph Haydn
Complete Keyboard Sonatas, vol. 2
Geoffrey Lancaster, fortepiano

TP215 $23 Flash
Miniatures for Marimba
Claire Edwardes - marimba

TP216 $23 Joseph Haydn: Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Volume 3
Geoffrey Lancaster - fortepiano

TP217 $23 Ensemble Liaison
Svetlana Bogosavljevic – cello
David Griffiths – clarinet
Timothy Young – piano

TP219 $23 Romantic Rarities
Ian Holtham - piano

- Brahms Op 18 (beginning)
TP229 $40 Pilgrimage to Montserrat
The Renaissance Players
directed by Winsome Evans

- CD one Track one
TP231 $23 Pillar of Wisdom (Cantigas de Santa Maria Vol IV)
The Renaissance Players
directed by Winsome Evans

TP232 $23 Gabriel's Message (Cantigas de Santa Maria Vol V)
The Renaissance Players
directed by Winsome Evans

TP233 $23 The Emerald Leopard
Josie and the Emeralds
Josie Ryan, soprano; Brooke Green, (director), Laura Moore, Catherine Upex, Fiona Ziegler, viols
Guest artists: Belinda Montgomery, soprano
Margo Adelson, Anthea Cottee, Elizabeth Rumsey, Laura Vaughan, viols
Jacques Emery, double bass and percussion

TP238 $23 Joseph Haydn: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol 4
Geoffrey Lancaster - fortepiano

- Sonata no 60 1st movt opening
TP241 $23 Amatorios
Music for Voice and Guitar
Rebecca MacCallion, soprano • Bradley Kunda, guitar

- The song and the sigh, from Love, the Rover
TP243 $23 Il Diavolo
Accademia Arcadia
Davide Monti: Baroque violin
Josephine Vains: Baroque cello
Jacqueline Ogeil: Cristofori piano

- Tartini 2nd movt opening
TP247 $23 Mozart Keyboard Sonatas KV330-332
Geoffrey Lancaster (fortepiano)

- Mozart Sonata in A, Alla Turca
TP253 $23 Joseph Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Christ
Geoffrey Lancaster – fortepiano

TP260 $23 Mozart
Sonatas K. 570, 282, 333

- Sonata 282 3rd movt
TP265 $23 Galop!
Virtuoso Orchestral Transcriptions
David Stanhope and His Orchestra

TP267 $23 W.F.Bach & J.G. Müthel
Complete Works for Two Fortepianos
Geoffrey Lancaster
James Huntingford

TP271 $23 The Emerald Phoenix
Josie and the Emeralds

- Emerald Phoenix Spears
TP274 $23 David Stanhope Live in concert
with Sydney Symphony Orchestra

- Schreker opening
TP275 $23 Porgy & Bess Fantasy
Music for piano duet
David Bollard & David Stanhope

- Porgy & Bess Suite opening
TP900 $35 TEN
Chopin Etudes, Op 10
Godowsky Studies on Chopin's Etudes, Op 10
David Stanhope - piano and commentator

TP901 $35 Twenty-Five
A DVD of David Stanhope playing Chopin Etudes Op. 25 and their corresponding Godowsky Studies.



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