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Tall Poppies is a non-profit Australian record company which promotes Australian composers, musicians, graphic artists and poets. Founded in 1991, it was the first company in Australia to focus on the recording of solo and chamber music, with an emphasis on standard repertoire. Tall Poppies is run by Belinda Webster, herself a musician and recording producer. All recording artists have input into, and control over what they record and how they are presented.

The name refers to the tall poppy syndrome in Australia, whereby the conspicuously successful are often "cut down" by those less talented. Tall Poppies Records aims to attack this attitude head on.

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Australian composers

Tall Poppies is committed to presenting the work of Australian composers. Tall Poppies complements other activities in the Australian market by producing :

1. single-composer chamber music collections

These promote the composer, often by choosing music spanning a number of years. The composer is always involved in the preparation of the CD, from the choice of repertoire and artists to participation in recording, editing and presentation.

2. performer-based multi-composer collections

These promote performers or ensembles, and are often intended to highlight the performers' dedication to Australian music. Frequently the recorded works have been commissioned and premiered by the performer. Sometimes, as in the Australian Youth Orchestra's 'Christmas Under Capricorn', they are the result of one performing group representing many composers.

Australian performers

Tall Poppies also aims to promote the work of Australian musicians. No other Australian record company has been interested in recording standard chamber repertoire. We believe that Australian musicians offer a unique perspective on the music of the world. Tall Poppies tries to capture the fresh and distinctive approach that our musicians offer to standard repertoire.


Tall Poppies is unique in Australia in that it commissions works for recording. To date, Tall Poppies has commissioned 47 new works.


Tall Poppies is grateful for continuing support from the Australia Council for some of its recording and commissioning projects.


Tall Poppies Records undertakes its work on a shoestring budget and is grateful for any support offered. Your donation would assist us in initiating new recording projects and releasing new CDs into the market. We appreciate gifts and bequests of any size from $2 up. Every contribution will help us to promote Australia's chamber music, and every donation over $2 is fully tax deductible. Download the: Tall Poppies Donation Form (PDF file)

Direct Licensing

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