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Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler

Welcome to Tall Poppies!

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The works on this CD have been chosen to highlight the performers and composers whose work has been recorded and released by Tall Poppies over the last four years. In many ways this choice has been a personal one, but I have also tried to sample the many series of CDs that Tall Poppies has initiated over the last ten years.

These ongoing series of recordings include:
  • Australian chamber music series featuring individual composers. This sampler gives you a taste of the music of Elena Kats-Chernin, Ross Edwards, Peter Sculthorpe, Anne Boyd and Arthur Benjamin. Also in the catalogue are CDs featuring chamber music by Carl Vine, Nigel Westlake, Nigel Butterley, Richard Meale, Andrew Ford, Andrew Schultz, John Lemmoné, Georges Lentz, and Margaret Sutherland.
  • The Bach series commemorating his death in 1750. Both CDs are represented here.
  • Schubert's unfinished piano music, completed and performed by Ian Munro.
  • Riley's Lee's mammoth 6 CD set of honkyoku, five of which were recorded in just two afternoons! It's the first time that a whole lineage of these Japanese medieval melodies for shakuhachi has been recorded for posterity.
  • Roy Howat's complete Debussy piano music, to eventually occupy four CDs. Howat's is an idiosyncratic view of this music, very much based on literal interpretations of the scores.
  • Peter Sculthorpe's complete String Quartets performed by the Goldner String Quartet
  • Australian film music, by Carl Vine and Nigel Westlake.

Other tracks have been chosen to highlight performers with whom Tall Poppies has worked extensively, such as The Australia Ensemble, The Sydney Chamber Choir, David Pereira (cello), Ian Munro (piano), John O'Donnell (organ), John Harding (violin), Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Lisa Moore (piano), Hector McDonald (horn).

Also included are two samples from the jazz recorded by Tall Poppies. This is a small but important part of the catalogue. The tracks included here feature Roger Frampton who has now sadly died in 2000, and whose solo work is represented on Tall Poppies by three CDs. There is also a track from Jann Rutherford's lovely recording of her own solo piano works. We hope this sampler will encourage you to explore the rest of the Tall Poppies catalogue!

Percy Grainger:
The Power of Love (TP155)
Merlyn Quaife - soprano,
Michael Kieran Harvey - piano
JS Bach:
Prelude to Suite no 6 in D,
BWV 1012 (TP144)
David Pereira - cello
Elena Kats-Chernin:
Alexander Rag (TP147)
Lisa Moore - piano
Ross Edwards:
Laikan III (TP126)
Australia Ensemble with
Rebecca Lagos - marimba
Johann Caspar Kerll:
Capriccio sopra il Cucu (TP121)
John O'Donnell - organ
Claude Debussy:
General Lavine - excentrique,
from Preludes Book 2 (TP123)
Roy Howat - piano
Roger Frampton & Don Rader:
The Dreamtime (TP130)
Don Rader - flugelhorn,
Roger Frampton - piano
WA Mozart:
Minuetto from Clarinet Quintet
in A major, K.581 (TP131)
Australia Ensemble
Arthur Benjamin:
Arabesque (TP134)
John Harding - violin,
Ian Munro - piano
Carl Nielsen:
Elf Dance (TP119)
David Nuttall - oboe,
Timothy Kain - guitar
Jann Rutherford:
Adventure I (TP125)
Jann Rutherford - piano
Anne Boyd:
The Sudden Gust,
from Cycle of Love (TP127)
Hartley Newnham - counter-tenor,
Tall Poppies Ensemble:
Geoffrey Collins - flute,
David Pereira - cello,
Nicholas Routley - piano
Tristram Cary:
Power Bounces 4
from The Impossible Piano (TP139)
Gerard Brophy:
We Bop (TP132)
Margery Smith - saxophone,
Daryl Pratt - percussion
Peter Sculthorpe:
Parting (TP136)
David Pereira - cello,
Ian Munro - piano
Johannes Brahms:
Horn Trio in E flat, Op. 40 (TP114)
Hector McDonald - horn,
John Harding - violin,
Ian Munro - piano
Franz Schubert:
Allegretto in C minor D900 (TP079)
Ian Munro: piano
Josquin des Pres:
O salutaris (TP141)
Sydney Chamber Choir,
Nicholas Routley - conductor
Trad: Hifumi Cho (TP138)Riley Lee - shakuhachi
Elena Kats-Chernin:
Wild Rice (TP096)
David Pereira - cello
JS Bach:
Vater unser im Himmelreich,
from Clavierübung III (TP140)
John O'Donnell - organ
Carl Vine:
Olympic Anthem,
from Mythologia (TP149)
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

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