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TP018 $23 The Wild Russians
David Pereira (cello)
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP025 $23 Music by John Cage for Prepared Piano
Nigel Butterley (prepared piano), Gerald English (tenor)

TP031 $23 Enchanted Dreams ... Exotic Dances
Geoffrey Collins (flute)
Alice Giles (harp)

TP032 $23 Prokofiev & Carter
David Pereira (cello)
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP037 $23 Notations
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP052 $23 Shostakovich
Australia Ensemble

TP055 $23 Alkan
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP066 $23 Janacek
Complete Piano Music
Lisa Moore (piano)

TP081 $23 Alkan & Magnard
Stephanie McCallum (piano)

TP086 $23 A Day in the Life of a Clarinet
Peter Jenkin (clarinets)

TP094 $23 Claude Debussy: Piano Music, Vol. 1
Roy Howat (piano)

TP097 $23 Meditation
Olivier Messiaen's organ music

TP103 $23 Cello
Howard Penny (cello)

TP104 $23 Kodály
Mary Warnecke (piano)

TP105 $23 Jamaican Rumba: Volume 1
Arthur Benjamin - the piano music
Ian Munro - piano

TP108 $23 Gates Beyond
Peter Waters (piano)

TP112 $23 Peggy Glanville-Hicks
The Songs

TP114 $23 Horn Trios
Hector McDonald (horn)
John Harding (violin)
Ian Munro (piano)

TP119 $23 Romancing the Oboe
David Nuttall: oboe
Timothy Kain: guitar

TP123 $23 Claude Debussy: Piano Music, Vol. 2
Roy Howat - piano

TP132 $23 Viva Sax!
Margery Smith - saxophones

TP134 $23 Jamaican Rumba: Volume 2
Arthur Benjamin - Chamber Music

TP136 $23 Peter Sculthorpe
Music for Cello

TP137 $23 Salzedo
Alice Giles - harp

TP143 $23 Lift Off
Australian Piano Music for Children

TP147 $23 Purple Black and Blues
Elena Kats-Chernin Piano Music

TP156 $23 Rautavaara
The Cello Music

TP161 $23 Fantasies
Esther van Stralen - viola

TP164 $23 Claude Debussy: Piano music, Vol. 3

TP165 $23 Claude Debussy: Piano music, Vol. 4

TP180 $23 Electric Cello

TP186 $23 Blue Rags
Ian Munro - piano

TP204 $23 Bolmimerie
SHE (Seven Harp Ensemble)

TP212 $23 Alternating Currents
Bernadette Harvey - piano

- Baciewicz Piano Sonata #2 III (Toccata opening)
TP213 $23 Especially…
Alice Giles
7 Works for Harp

TP214 $23 Barber & Debussy
David Berlin - cello
Len Vorster - piano

TP223 $23 One
Claire Edwardes - percussion

- Xenakis Rebonds B (beginning)
TP228 $23 Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Anna McMichael - violin
Tamara-Anna Cislowska - piano

TP252 $23 Diamond Morning
Viney-Grinberg Duo
Music for Two Pianos

- Opening of Adams Hallelujah Junction
TP266 $23 Le Tango Perpetuel
Australia Ensemble
Gerald English (tenor)

TP901 $35 Twenty-Five
A DVD of David Stanhope playing Chopin Etudes Op. 25 and their corresponding Godowsky Studies.



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