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TP021 $23
Rita Hunter in Recital
Rita Hunter (soprano)
Victor Morris (piano)

Rita Hunter is one of the great unsung heroines of the world of sopranos. This recording was made at a concert given in London in the 70s and shows her at her best in a programme of variety and passion.

TP036 $23
Ocean Flows
Rik Rue (tape)

Rik Rue clambered around the seaside rockpools of Sydney during the early morning hours to gather the material for this recording. The sounds are intimate, sometimes funny, spectacularly well recorded and make an entire dramatic scenario from the complex web of sonorities.

TP054 $23
Sydney Chamber Choir
Nicholas Routley (director)

Routley has made a speciality of this Renaissance repertoire, and the choir sings it magnificently. Recorded in a small but perfectly sounding chapel, Josquin's music never seemed so alive.

TP060 $23
Roger Smalley (piano)

An outstanding composer, Smalley is also an outstanding pianist. This is a personal collection bringing most of these wonderful works to CD for the first time.

TP077 $23
The Secular Josquin
The Song Company
Nicholas Routley (guest director)

Nicholas Routley brings a life-long love of this music to the training of the Song Company for this CD. These short songs and motets make an unusual repertoire in the available recordings of Josquin's music.

TP083 $23
Cambewarra Mountain
David Lumsdaine (soundscape)

About 2 hours south of Sydney is the beautiful Kangaroo Valley, the eastern end of which rises to Cambewarra Mountain. Lush rainforest and cedar forests are havens for an astonishing array of birdlife, including whipbirds and lyrebirds. These recordings were made by Australian composer David Lumsdaine and are state-of-the-art. The CD progresses through the diurnal cycle and the seasonal cycle.

TP091 $23
David Lumsdaine (soundscape)

This CD contains one of the most extraordinary bird songs ever recorded - the Pied Butcherbirds in the Wurrumbungles. Mutawinji is a sacred site in far west New South Wales in the Kinchiga National Park.

TP092 $23
Lake Emu
David Lumsdaine (soundscapes)

Lake Emu is a flood lake on the Darling River in far west New South Wales in Kinchega National Park. River Red Gums and Black Box were recorded at the Darling River. There is an abundance of birdlife in both places.

TP093 $23
39 Dissonant Etudes
Warren Burt (computers)

Each etude lasts for about a minute and a half, and each concerns itself with a different division of the octave, ranging from 5 to 42 notes per octave. It is all produced directly from computers, and makes for fascinating listening.

TP100 $23
David Malouf reads from Poems 1959-89

Malouf is Australia's most famous living writer, but his poetry has taken a backstage seat to his novels. His readings are intimate and inviting.

TP117 $10
An Australian Collection
Various performers

PLEASE NOTE: This CD is currently out of stock. We can supply FLAC and MP3 files with PDFs of the booklet. Please contact us for details at tallpoppies@iinet.net.au

19 tracks selected from the Tall Poppies catalogue showing the variety and depth of composition and performance in Australia today.

TP139 $38
Tristram Cary - Soundings
Electroacoustic Works 1955-1996

Tristram Cary has been working in the field of electroacoustic music for half a century. This set of 2 CDs presents a personal selection of his landmark contribution to the genre, spanning his career as a composer in London and Australia. Best-known for the original music for the Dr Who television series, Cary here shows what an astonishingly versatile composer he is.

TP146 $23
Graeme Murphy's Body of Work

For 25 years the Sydney Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Graeme Murphy, has dominated the Australian dance scene. Murphy has always had a special mission to commission and promote new Australian dance work, and this CD presents a small selection of some of the most successful scores, released to coincide with a national tour celebrating his work. A huge range of musical styles includes the cheeky tango from Vine's celebrated score to Poppy, the night club styles of Iva Davies, the gentle melodic invention of Graeme Koehne and the powerful orchestral work of Conyngham.

TP149 $23
Carl Vine
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Mythologia amazed audiences and critics alike when it debuted at the Olympic Arts Festival in Sydney this year. Graeme Murphy's choreography was breath-taking, Carl Vine's music has attracted wide-spread acclaim, and the live performance by the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has placed that group firmly on the map of international performers worth hearing!

By arrangement with the Sydney Dance Company we are delighted to present this music from the dance, edited specifically for CD by the composer, and featuring a brand new studio recording by the choir. This CD also features an astounding cover created by Myth Design in collaboration with photographer/stylist Richard de Chazal.

TP153 $23
Roger Dean & Hazel Smith

Acousmatic and electroacoustic works from this dyamnic duo. Dean's music and Smith's words create a unique soundworld that challenges, inspires and intrigues.

TP158 $10
Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler
Welcome to Tall Poppies!

The works on this CD have been chosen to highlight the performers and composers whose work has been recorded and released by Tall Poppies over the last four years. In many ways this choice has been a personal one, but I have also tried to sample the many series of CDs that Tall Poppies has initiated over the last ten years.

These ongoing series of recordings include:

  • Australian chamber music series featuring individual composers. This sampler gives you a taste of the music of Elena Kats-Chernin, Ross Edwards, Peter Sculthorpe, Anne Boyd and Arthur Benjamin. Also in the catalogue are CDs featuring chamber music by Carl Vine, Nigel Westlake, Nigel Butterley, Richard Meale, Andrew Ford, Andrew Schultz, John Lemmoné, Georges Lentz, and Margaret Sutherland.
  • The Bach series commemorating his death in 1750. Both CDs are represented here.
  • Schubert's unfinished piano music, completed and performed by Ian Munro.
  • Riley's Lee's mammoth 6 CD set of honkyoku, five of which were recorded in just two afternoons! It's the first time that a whole lineage of these Japanese medieval melodies for shakuhachi has been recorded for posterity.
  • Roy Howat's complete Debussy piano music, to eventually occupy four CDs. Howat's is an idiosyncratic view of this music, very much based on literal interpretations of the scores.
  • Peter Sculthorpe's complete String Quartets performed by the Goldner String Quartet
  • Australian film music, by Carl Vine and Nigel Westlake.

Other tracks have been chosen to highlight performers with whom Tall Poppies has worked extensively, such as The Australia Ensemble, The Sydney Chamber Choir, David Pereira (cello), Ian Munro (piano), John O'Donnell (organ), John Harding (violin), Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Lisa Moore (piano), Hector McDonald (horn).

Also included are two samples from the jazz recorded by Tall Poppies. This is a small but important part of the catalogue. The tracks included here feature Roger Frampton who has now sadly died in 2000, and whose solo work is represented on Tall Poppies by three CDs. There is also a track from Jann Rutherford's lovely recording of her own solo piano works. We hope this sampler will encourage you to explore the rest of the Tall Poppies catalogue!

TP182 $23
sonic stones
austraLYSIS Electroband
Roger Dean - computers, keyboards
Greg White - computers, sound projection

Sonic Stones represents two aspects of austraLYSIS innovative work in computer mediated sound. One piece, Piano Stones, is an elaborate completed composed work, made entirely in the digital domain, though using and transforming natural stone sounds, and pre-recorded piano played by Dean. The work transits from the sound of the piano almost continuously to the sound of stones, and has strong references to the work of influential jazz pianist Bill Evans. The other piece Memeing ex Cathedra, is almost an hour long, and presents extended live computer-interactive improvisation, and was originally performed direct to air in a day-long international web cast. Multiple layers of rhythmic and textural process are superimposed, including elements from drum and bass, noise music, sampled keyboard and other diverse sounds. The whole is integrated into a large evolving structure. 

The CD is the sixth on Tall Poppies by austraLYSIS, continuing their tradition of radical change and challenge: it is quite different from their previous work on the label. The performers are Director and Founder, Roger Dean, and long term collaborator Greg White, who both have extensive track records in composed and improvised music internationally. Additionally, Dean is intensively involved in research in music computation and cognition, while White is active as a music educator and as a film and media composer and sound designer.

TP234 $23
History Goes Everywhere
AustraLYSIS Electroband
Roger Dean: leader, piano, computer
Sandy Evans: saxophones
Greg White: computer
Hazel Smith: text, performer

austraLYSIS Electroband occupies a special place in Australian music. Formed 25 years ago in 1990 by Roger Dean, this trio has carved out a unique territory in pitting acoustic instruments against computer-generated material in live performance. Adventurous improvisation is a major feature of the music. Roger Dean is a well-known pianist and improviser, who also composes most of the music performed by the ensemble. Sandy Evans is one of Australia's great jazz saxophonists, whose musical interests range very widely indeed, from standard jazz to free improvisation to Indian music. Greg White is known for his breadth of approach with computer-generated sounds and atmospheres. Hazel Smith is a poet who contributes text and speaking where required.

Tall Poppies has released all of austraLYSIS' CDs to date (see catalogue numbers 007, 039, 050, 109, 153, 182 and 225).

Australian novelist and poet David Malouf has written of austraLYSIS' Tall Poppies CD Moving the Landscape (TP007): 'Track after track commands our attention, not just with the drama of what austraLYSIS can do, but with the variety of means, instrumentally and rhythmically, and the degree of emotion they are prepared to risk. What I liked best of all was the inwardness these performers develop, the sense we get of their moving off alone, without compromising the drama of interplay; most of all, without ever releasing tension. This is improvisation that offers increased pleasure at every hearing...

- Opening of ElectroTime



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