Symphony No. 3
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Symphony No. 3
duration 25:00  © 1990 Wise Music Group
Performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stuart Challender on the ABC Classics CD Carl Vine - Complete Symphonies 1-6

sample performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Stuart Challender
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Program Note:

Although Symphony No. 3 is not a programmatic work as such, the music traces a journey that may be interpreted in many ways. The opening is veiled and brooding, and somewhat enigmatic. The texture graudally lightens until it reaches a section of childlike innocence. This passage is interrupted at its climax by a rhythmically-based movement introduced by a solo for Maracas. The climax of this section cuts away, once again, to an extended slow movement characterised by a series of solos spread throughout the orchestra.

At the end of a long, melismatic Clarinet Solo, rapid running gestures move inevitably towards the Presto Finale. At the height of the Finale, the rhythmic momentum grinds to a halt and a slow-moving Coda closes the work with a final burst of power.

Symphony No. 3 was the John Bishop Commission for 1990, administered by the Elder Conservatorium at the University of Adelaide. It was commissioned with financial assistance from the Performing Arts Unit of the Australia Council, and first performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra under Stuart Challender at the Adelaide Festival Theatre on March 5th, 1990.

The program opened with the Third Symphony of Carl Vine, which is even better than I thought at its premiere ... The music itself, which is splendidly scored, does, I believe, show more confidence and sense of identity than the Second Symphony, and an organic wholeness of form that is most impressive. [Kenneth Hince, The Melbourne Age, Aug 20, 1990]

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