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TP002 $23
Café Concertino
new Australian music
performed by
the Australia Ensemble

The Australia Ensemble is Australia's foremost chamber music group. It is in residence at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

In this CD the Australia Ensemble plays a selection of Australian chamber music that it has either commissioned or has performed many times.

TP012 $20
Film Music by Nigel Westlake

Australia's first IMAX film (currently showing in Sydney) with powerfully evocative music by Nigel Westlake which captures the awesome spaces and the delights of the local fauna and features soloists David Pereira (cello), Dene Olding (violin), Timothy Kain (guitar) and Christine Douglas (soprano). The orchestra is conducted by composer Carl Vine.

TP013 $23
Carl Vine - Chamber Music Volume 1

A selection of Carl Vine's chamber works gathered together for the first time. They reveal a composer of great intelligence, wit and emotion - a powerful combination. The performers are Australia's best, and in most cases, are playing music that has been written especially for them.

Flederman was the chamber group co-founded by Carl Vine and Simone de Haan. It is now defunct, but through these recordings we can hear just what a marvellous ensemble it was.

Also see: Chamber Music Volume 2

TP016 $23
Christmas under Capricorn
The Australian Youth Orchestra
with Graham Abbott (conductor)

The Australian Youth Orchestra plays 19 Christmas carols arranged especially for this recording by Australian composers and conducted by Graham Abbott. The two carols that have each been set twice make very interesting comparisons. The music is listenable, and you can give it away for Christmas with impunity!

TP024 $20
The Battlers
Film Music by Carl Vine

This music originated as the soundtrack for a television mini-series. The music is easy on the ears and shows Vine as the consummate composer for film. His ability to evoke mood is an outstanding feature of this CD. The Tall Poppies Orchestra is conducted by David Stanhope.

TP069 $23
Geoffrey Collins (flutes)
David Miller (piano)
David Pereira (cello)

Collins has singlehandedly created the Australian flute repertoire and this is his third solo recording. Five of these works were written for Collins, and show that he inspires composers to feel free to write whatever they like!

TP074 $38
Watt ever
A 2 CD set

Electronic music gathered from 20 years of WATT concert presentations. WATT is the only organisation in Australia regularly presenting audio-visual and electronic works. This compilation covers the gamut of 20 years and brings some composers' work to CD for the first time.

TP080 $23
Mere Bagatelles
Ian Munro (piano)

As an overview of Australian composition in the 90s, this CD couldn't be bettered. A musicianly look at the piano repertoire and astoundingly good performances.

TP085 $20
The Edge
Film Music by Nigel Westlake

Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra
Carl Vine (conductor)
David Hudson (didgeridoo)
Emma Lysons (soprano)
Michael Askill (percussion)
Contemporary Singers
Elliott Gyger (conductor)

This music was written for an Imax film about the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. The film concerns itself with the environment, the ancient Aboriginal presence and the recently-discovered prehistoric Wollemi Pines. The music also addresses these spatial issues and is composed by one of Australia's most sought-after film composers.

TP096 $23
David Pereira - cello

12 new Australian solo cello works written for David Pereira - a project which celebrates the handing back of Uluru (Ayers Rock) to its traditional indigenous owners. The musical responses are varied, from the digeridoo sounds underpinning Hopkins' work to the modernism of Dean.

Wesley-Smith asks Pereira to sing along, which he does admirably! Two of Australia's finest jazz pianist/composers, Mike Nock and the late Roger Frampton explore tender song-like melodies. The cover painting was commissioned from Newcastle artist David Middlebrook.

TP101 $10
Inner World - Carl Vine
David Pereira (cello)

NB: retails for $10

Written especially for Pereira, this work has a tape part derived solely from Pereira's playing and transformed with genius by Vine to an integrated accompaniment for the live solo cello. This is also Australia's first classical CD single.

TP113 $23
A garden of Earthly Delights
Australian Youth Orchestra

Diego Masson (conductor)
Ian Munro (piano)
David Nuttall (oboe)
David Pereira (cello)

Three Australian concertos given exuberant performances by one of Australia's best orchestras, a dynamic French conductor and three outstanding soloists.

TP115 $23
The Selfish Giant
Ballet music by Graeme Koehne

Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra
Stephen Barlow (conductor)


Graeme Koehne is one of Australia's most successful ballet music composers. His work for the Sydney Dance Company in the 80s led to a distinguished career in this field. The Selfish Giant, written for the Sydney Dance Company, is presented here in its complete form. Once Around the Sun is an orchestral suite extracted from the ballet. Koehne's music is cheerful, melodic, rhythmic and accessible! Some of his tunes will melt your heart ...

TP117 $10
An Australian Collection
Various performers

PLEASE NOTE: This CD is currently out of stock. We can supply FLAC and MP3 files with PDFs of the booklet. Please contact us for details at tallpoppies@iinet.net.au

19 tracks selected from the Tall Poppies catalogue showing the variety and depth of composition and performance in Australia today.

TP120 $23
Carl Vine - Chamber Music Volume 2

This disc features the world premiere recordings of Vine's Second Piano Sonata by Michael Kieran Harvey, and of his Third String Quartet by the Tall Poppies Quartet (John Harding, Georges Lentz, Esther van Stralen and David Pereira). Other tracks previously released on the Tall Poppies label are included here to complete this compendium of Vine's chamber music of the last decade.

Also see: Chamber Music Volume 1

TP135 $23
David Stanhope plays

David Stanhope is known throughout Australia as one of the few resident conductors of note. But his talents are much broader than that, being a prolific composer, especially of wind band music (see TP107), and he has also had a career as a pianist. With this recording he shows that despite all his other activities, his fingers are still as agile as ever. The programme is not for the pianistically faint-hearted, as it includes some of the most difficult works in the piano literature.

TP143 $23
Lift Off
Australian Piano Music for Children

Elpis Liossatos: piano

An engaging collection of piano music written by Australian composers to appeal to the imaginations of the young. Liossatos is an Australian pianist currently living in Greece, and she brings charm and enthusiasm to these performances. All in all, a delightful introduction to the many compositional styles co-existing in Australia.

TP146 $23
Graeme Murphy's Body of Work

For 25 years the Sydney Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Graeme Murphy, has dominated the Australian dance scene. Murphy has always had a special mission to commission and promote new Australian dance work, and this CD presents a small selection of some of the most successful scores, released to coincide with a national tour celebrating his work. A huge range of musical styles includes the cheeky tango from Vine's celebrated score to Poppy, the night club styles of Iva Davies, the gentle melodic invention of Graeme Koehne and the powerful orchestral work of Conyngham.

TP148 $23
The Potato Factory
Music by Carl Vine

The mini-series of Bryce Courtenay's "The Potato Factory" screened on the Channel 7 Network (Australia) in July, 2000. Starring Lisa McCune, Ben Cross and Sonia Todd, this is a ripper yarn of Dickensian London and early life in the colonies. Carl's music adds a whole new dimension to the story, ranging from the majestic to the tragic.

The Tall Poppies Orchestra performs this remarkable score conducted by the composer, and the recording was co-produced by Tall Poppies' Belinda Webster and recording engineer Christo Curtis.

TP149 $23
Carl Vine
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Mythologia amazed audiences and critics alike when it debuted at the Olympic Arts Festival in Sydney this year. Graeme Murphy's choreography was breath-taking, Carl Vine's music has attracted wide-spread acclaim, and the live performance by the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has placed that group firmly on the map of international performers worth hearing!

By arrangement with the Sydney Dance Company we are delighted to present this music from the dance, edited specifically for CD by the composer, and featuring a brand new studio recording by the choir. This CD also features an astounding cover created by Myth Design in collaboration with photographer/stylist Richard de Chazal.

TP158 $10
Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler
Welcome to Tall Poppies!

The works on this CD have been chosen to highlight the performers and composers whose work has been recorded and released by Tall Poppies over the last four years. In many ways this choice has been a personal one, but I have also tried to sample the many series of CDs that Tall Poppies has initiated over the last ten years.

These ongoing series of recordings include:

  • Australian chamber music series featuring individual composers. This sampler gives you a taste of the music of Elena Kats-Chernin, Ross Edwards, Peter Sculthorpe, Anne Boyd and Arthur Benjamin. Also in the catalogue are CDs featuring chamber music by Carl Vine, Nigel Westlake, Nigel Butterley, Richard Meale, Andrew Ford, Andrew Schultz, John Lemmoné, Georges Lentz, and Margaret Sutherland.
  • The Bach series commemorating his death in 1750. Both CDs are represented here.
  • Schubert's unfinished piano music, completed and performed by Ian Munro.
  • Riley's Lee's mammoth 6 CD set of honkyoku, five of which were recorded in just two afternoons! It's the first time that a whole lineage of these Japanese medieval melodies for shakuhachi has been recorded for posterity.
  • Roy Howat's complete Debussy piano music, to eventually occupy four CDs. Howat's is an idiosyncratic view of this music, very much based on literal interpretations of the scores.
  • Peter Sculthorpe's complete String Quartets performed by the Goldner String Quartet
  • Australian film music, by Carl Vine and Nigel Westlake.

Other tracks have been chosen to highlight performers with whom Tall Poppies has worked extensively, such as The Australia Ensemble, The Sydney Chamber Choir, David Pereira (cello), Ian Munro (piano), John O'Donnell (organ), John Harding (violin), Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Lisa Moore (piano), Hector McDonald (horn).

Also included are two samples from the jazz recorded by Tall Poppies. This is a small but important part of the catalogue. The tracks included here feature Roger Frampton who has now sadly died in 2000, and whose solo work is represented on Tall Poppies by three CDs. There is also a track from Jann Rutherford's lovely recording of her own solo piano works. We hope this sampler will encourage you to explore the rest of the Tall Poppies catalogue!

TP161 $23
Esther van Stralen - viola

Esther van Stralen is the Dutch-born Principal Violist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Her wide-ranging repertoire interests have driven the selection of music in this recording, which ranges from stylistically rendered earlier works performed on a baroque viola, to a huge variety of contemporary music.

TP176 $23
Musica Viva 60th Anniversary CD

Australia Ensemble
Goldner String Quartet
Takács Quartet

This CD celebrates the achievements of Musica Viva Australia in fostering new Australian chamber music over the last 60 years. Since 1945, Music Viva has been involved in the creation of nearly 100 new works from a wide range of Australian composers in a programme that continues to develop an original body of Australian chamber music. The complete list of these works is included with the CD.

The music presented here spans a period of nearly 30 years, including the most recent - Carl Vine’s String Quartet no 4. The world premiere of this exciting new work was given by the renowned Takács Quartet during their 2004 Musica Viva concert tour of Australia, with the performance on this disc being recorded by ABC Classic-FM Radio during their Hobart performance.

The other four works are performed by the Australia Ensemble and the Goldner String Quartet, and written by Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards, Gordon Kerry, and jazz pianist and composer Mark Isaacs. The music is wonderful and the performances are superlative.

This CD was funded by the Australia Council.

TP180 $23
Electric Cello

David Pereira plays solo Australian cello music, each piece scored for cello with either pre-recorded tape or delay. The works by Wesley-Smith and Ford are world premiere recordings. The Vine is a brand new recording, and shows how well this work responds to very differing interpretations. Roger Smalley's work has previously only been recorded in the UK, and this recording sounds very different! The Westlake is a new interpretation of one of his most popular and enduring works by Pereira. All the music was recorded in a new studio located in rustic Kangaroo Valley, NSW (south of Sydney) and the recording engineer was Christo Curtis, one of Australia's very finest.

TP190 $23
Carl Vine: The Piano Music (1990 - 2006)
Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)

This is the first complete recorded collection of Carl Vine's piano music, and includes the world premiere recording of his latest work for piano, The Anne Landa Preludes (2006). Prodigiously gifted Australian pianist, Michael Kieran Harvey, has a long association with Vine, having premiered both of his sonatas as well as the Piano Concerto (1997).

As well as featuring the premiere recording of the Preludes, this disc includes brand new recordings of Vine's Five Bagatelles, Red Blues and his signature keyboard work, the First Piano Sonata. The recording of the Second Piano Sonata is reproduced here from Harvey's earlier recording previously released on Chamber Music Volume 2 (catalog number TP120).

TP191 $10
CD Sampler
An overview of recent releases on Tall Poppies

This sampler was produced in late 2006 to complement the new full-colour catalogue of CDs released by Tall Poppies. It contains 26 tracks, sampling 26 of the recent CDs, and contains whole works or whole movements from larger works. There is a large range of music here, from medieval Japanese music to Bach to Brahms to music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Recent Australian music is a feature of the Tall Poppies catalogue, and the repertoire included in this sampler includes one work not available anywhere else: a performance by Carl Vine of the 12th of his Anne Landa Preludes for piano.

TP212 $23
Alternating Currents
Bernadette Harvey - piano

This is Bernadette Harvey's debut solo CD, proudly released by Tall Poppies. Bernadette is one of Australia's finest pianists with a scarily accurate technique, a fearless approach to the nuances of the music she plays, and an ability to make clear at first hearing the intentions of the composer.

The five works she has chosen for this recording show the range of her interests: the Dutilleux Sonata is one of the best piano works from the 20th century - very French and very brilliant; Kevin Puts’ Alternating Current is demanding on many levels, but always pianistic; Ross Edwards’ Etymalong explores the meditative qualities of nature; the Bacewicz Sonata is an explosive tour de force; Vine’s Bagatelles are by turns cheeky and virtuosic. A pianist has nowhere to hide in this program, and Bernadette responds magnificently to the varying demands of this music.

TP220 $23
Mantras and Night Flowers
Music by Ross Edwards and Carl Vine
Bernadette Harvey - piano

One can be sure that Australian music might be finally coming of age when one record label can contemplate a third recording of a recent piano work - Carl Vine's magnificent Piano Sonata No 1 is now released for the third time by Tall Poppies. The previous two recordings were made by Bernadette's brother Michael on a Stuart & Sons piano and then a Steinway. Bernadette plays here on a Fazioli piano. She also performs the Anne Landa Preludes, a set of twelve short works showing Vine's complete mastery of piano writing.

Both of the works by Ross Edwards are world premiere recordings. His Mantras & Night Flowers was written between 1982 and 2001 and is a collection of exquisite miniatures. Paired with this is his first Piano Sonata, written in 2011 for Bernadette. These works were supervised in the studio by the composer.


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