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Musica Viva 60th Anniversary CD

$23   (Australian dollars)


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Australia Ensemble
Goldner String Quartet
Takács Quartet

This CD celebrates the achievements of Musica Viva Australia in fostering new Australian chamber music over the last 60 years. Since 1945, Music Viva has been involved in the creation of nearly 100 new works from a wide range of Australian composers in a programme that continues to develop an original body of Australian chamber music. The complete list of these works is included with the CD.

The music presented here spans a period of nearly 30 years, including the most recent - Carl Vine’s String Quartet no 4. The world premiere of this exciting new work was given by the renowned Takács Quartet during their 2004 Musica Viva concert tour of Australia, with the performance on this disc being recorded by ABC Classic-FM Radio during their Hobart performance.

The other four works are performed by the Australia Ensemble and the Goldner String Quartet, and written by Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards, Gordon Kerry, and jazz pianist and composer Mark Isaacs. The music is wonderful and the performances are superlative.

This CD was funded by the Australia Council.

Peter Sculthorpe: String Quartet No 9 (1975)Goldner String Quartet
Ross Edwards: Laikan (1979)Australia Ensemble
Gordon Kerry: Sonata da camera (1991)Australia Ensemble
Mark Isaacs: So It Does (1985)Australia Ensemble
Carl Vine: String Quartet No 4 (2004)Takács Quartet (live concert recording)


An anniversary brings expectations of a celebration of past achievements, perhaps a taste of things to come. With this recording marking six decades of often path-breaking concert presentations, we get both. Musica Viva has included works by composers who have something interesting to say, both now and for the next half-century. Through excellent, expressive performances, each composer emerges with a characteristic voice. Peter Sculthorpe’s String Quartet No.9 is, by turns, yearning, gently rhythmical, passionate and tragic. Ross Edwards (so like Haydn in his unfeigned musical joy) contributes the sextet Laikan that draws inspiration from around the world. In So It Does, Mark Isaacs synthesises jazz and contemporary idioms. Gordon Kerry pays tribute to the late Phillip Henry, a former Musica Viva artistic director, in Sonata de camera, which takes cues from some of chamber music’s greats. Finally, Carl Vine, Musica Viva’s current AD, offers a quartet (No.4) that refuses easy answers. This recording also acknowledges the financial contributions of the commissioners, both Musica Viva and individuals, without which we might otherwise only hear the sounds of silence.
Stephen Schafer

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