Inner World
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Inner World
solo cello with CD accompaniment
duration 12:30  © 1994 Faber Music
Performed by David Pereira (solo cello) on CD Carl Vine: Chamber Music Volume 2
Performed by David Pereira (solo cello) on CD Inner World
Performed by David Pereira (solo cello) on CD The Electric Cello
Performed by Steven Isserlis (solo cello) on CD Cello World
Performed by Mikayel Hakhnazaryan on CD Inner World

sample performed by David Pereira
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Program Note:

Inner World was written for and is dedicated to cellist David Pereira. When a great musician performs, one is not just witnessing the dutiful reproduction of a series of notes and tones but rather the intimate relationship between a craftsman and their instrument. Every sound is carved from the string, hair and wood with loving care. My aim in Inner World is to focus on this amazing symbiosis and create a sound world that reflects, in some small way, the internal processes that lead to the production of marvellous music.

The tape which accompanies the solo cello is constructed entirely from a recording of David's playing. The performer is not only live, but also crystallised, dissected and re-arranged. The cello is not only an instrument of natural materials but also an enveloping shroud of sound - a hall of mirrors in which artifice and reality collide and in which the sounds we hear might be no more than the performer's impression of the music they are creating.

... an absolutely riveting work devised as a reflection of the cellist's psychological processes during performance. Isserlis's intensely visceral playing and profound involvement in the score and his recorded alter-ego was a marvel to hear and behold, evoking Vine's "hall of mirrors in which artifice and reality collide" to stunning effect. [The Strad, February 1998]

The last and longest item, Inner World by the Australian Carl Vine, for amplified cello with electronic support, could easily become a cult piece. Starting like a cadenza for some romantic cello concerto, it grows ever more elaborate, always tonal and lyrical, with the soloist in duet with himself at times, culminating in a wild, exciting coda. [Gramophone Magazine, September 1998]

[...] The only thing that made any impression was a new and vibrant piece by Carl Vine for solo cello accompanying itself on multi-tracked, pre-processed tape (the methodology of Steve Reich's "New York Counterpoint"). Called "Inner World", it was evocative, ecstatic, heartfelt: proof of the intelligent accessibility that places Vine, now, second only to Peter Sculthorpe in the natural ranking of Australian composers. [Michael White: Independent on Sunday (London), 9 Nov, 1997]

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