Harmony in Concord
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Harmony in Concord
trombone, marimba/vibes, percussion, CD
duration 10:00  © 1992 Wise Music Group
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Program Note:

This work is based on a series of possibly questionable premises. Stories abound about the private life of Charles Ives, and it has been said that :

(i) the marriage of Charles Ives to Harmony Twichell may not have always been an entirely satisfactory arrangement

(ii) Ives wrote his best music when he was 'having the most trouble with Harmony'

(iii) after Ives' death, Harmony was astonished at a performance of her husband's Fourth Symphony that the audience 'actually enjoyed the thing'.

Harmony in Concord is set in a mythical world deep inside the mind of Harmony Twichell who, in troubled sleep, finds herself trapped in a transcendental reflection of Concord, Massachusetts, immersed in a world of sound that has been created in perverse homage to her husband. The situation is made no more tolerable by a trio of vagrant New Age buskers who dog her every step, and who have sublimated Ives' philosophy and musical technique into every sound they make.

This work was commissioned by Pipeline with financial assistance from the Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council. Harmony in Concord was first performed by the Pipeline Contemporary Music Project at the Old Melbourne Gaol (Victoria, Australia) on April 24, 1992. The players were Simone de Haan (trombone), Daryl Pratt (marimba/vibraphone) and Phil Treloar (percussion).

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