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Three Pomegranates
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Three Pomegranates
two marimbas, eight hands
duration 10:00  © 2010 Faber Music

sample performed by Synergy Percussion
sample performed by Synergy Percussion
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Program Note:

These three short movements are extracted from my Sonata for Piano Four Hands (2009). It dawned on me while watching Synergy†play music for a quartet on two grand marimbas that this material was nicely comprised to fit its percussive sibling. On closer examination almost†half of the original score could be used with little alteration.

The three movements Iíve selected are called†Deuces,†Waltz†and†Toccata. Collectively they donít confirm to any of the models normally used for collections of short pieces, being uniformly neither dances, bagatelles, intermezzi, nocturnes, studies, preludes,†impromptus, waltzes or mazurkas. It finally dawned on me that they could only be pomegranates.

Carl Vine, 2 August 2010

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