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Suite from Hate
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Suite from Hate
trombone, horn, 2 pianos, organ, percussion 1pc, 2pf, org,
duration 20:00  © 1985 Australian Music Centre
choreographed by Graeme Murphy for the Sydney Dance Company
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Program Note:

The music for the dance "Hate" was commissioned by the Sydney Dance Company in 1982 to accompany choreography by Graeme Murphy. The score was written for and performed by Flederman (with Hector McDonald) for the premiere season.

The scenario to "Hate" follows a simple progression from peace and tranquility through various symbolic "conflicts" to a state of maximum antagonism. The musical devices used focus on independent number series being "phased" or played off against each other: each simple on its own, but creating greater and greater heterophony within the ensemble. Greater tension is created as more harmonically and rhythmically diverse material is used, producing, in the "final conflict", the greatest cacophony I could produce using only five musicians.

This "Suite" from the dance score was devised in late 1982, extracting signal points from the original 45-minute work.

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