Legend Suite
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Legend Suite
orchestra 4 pc, strings
duration 30:00  © 1988-90 Wise Music Group
choreographed by Jacqui Carroll for the West Australian Ballet Company
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Program Note:

In 1988 the West Australian Ballet Company mounted a programme of three dances choreographed, designed and composed by Australians. One of these, The Night of the Full Moon was choreographed by Jacqui Carroll, designed by Robert Juniper, and with music by Carl Vine. The music, from the start, had the working title of Legend, and the concert music Legend Suite has been extracted from this full ballet score.

The Night of the Full Moon was based on an amalgamation of Aboriginal legend and western folklore leading, in the final analysis, to a set of primal forces interacting on stage. In broad skeleton, a "god" arrives with five daughters who are attracted to and subsequently assaulted by five (male) reapers. God returns at the end of this outrage to whisk his daughters away, but his favourite has fallen in love with the men's leader and remains to attempt life as a mortal. At the conclusion, the girl accepts that her love is impossible, and her father wreaks his most terrible vengeance, taking the life of her lover.

Although the skeleton of this story-line remains in Legend Suite, the music is not essentially narrative, dealing more generally with the nature of the primal forces. Legend was commissioned by the West Australian Ballet Company with financial assistance from the Music Board of the Australia Council.

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