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A Garden of Earthly Delights
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP113

Diego Masson (conductor)
Ian Munro (piano)
David Nuttall (oboe)
David Pereira (cello)
The Australian Youth Orchestra

Three Australian concertos given exhuberant performances by one of Australia's best orchestras, a dynamic French conductor and three outstanding soloists.


Carl VineOboe Concerto
David Nuttall - solo oboe
Peter SculthorpePiano Concerto
Ian Munro - solo piano
David LumsdaineA Garden of Earthly Delights
David Pereira - solo cello

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Alternating Currents
Bernadette Harvey - piano
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP212

This is Bernadette Harvey's debut solo CD, proudly released by Tall Poppies Records. Bernadette is one of Australia's finest pianists with a scarily accurate technique, a fearless approach to the nuances of the music she plays, and an ability to make clear at first hearing the intentions of the composer.

The five works she has chosen for this recording show the range of her interests: the Dutilleux Sonata is one of the best piano works from the 20th century - very French and very brilliant; Kevin Puts’ Alternating Current is demanding on many levels, but always pianistic; Ross Edwards’ Etymalong explores the meditative qualities of nature; the Bacewicz Sonata is an explosive tour de force; Vine’s Bagatelles are by turns cheeky and virtuosic. A pianist has nowhere to hide in this program, and Bernadette responds magnificently to the varying demands of this music.


Kevin PutsAlternating Current
Ross EdwardsEtymalong
Grażyna BacewiczPiano Sonata No.2
Carl VineFive Bagatelles
Henri DutilleuxPiano Sonata

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An Australian Collection
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP117

This compact disk contains 19 tracks selected from the Tall Poppies catalogue showing the massive depth and variety of musical composition and performance in Australia today. The selection includes an extract from Carl Vine's String Quartet No 3.

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The Battlers
Film soundtrack
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP024

This music originated as the soundtrack for a television mini-series. The music is easy on the ears and shows Vine as the consummate composer for film. His ability to evoke mood is an outstanding feature of this CD. The Tall Poppies Orchestra is conducted by David Stanhope, and features soprano Jane Edwards.


Film music by Carl Vine
"The Battlers" Suite
"The Battlers" Main Theme
Dancy as Stranger
Dancy's theme revealed
"Moving on"
Dancy's first yarn
Snow goes home
Snow confronts his family
Dancy rescues Snow
Snow's troubles
Dancy teases Snow
The storm
The Apostle arrives
Snow in hospital
Snow says goodbye
Charlie the traindriver
Dancy and Jimmy together
Dancy and Jimmy get closer
Looking for Dancy
On the Road
Jimmy visits prison
The wedding and prison
Molly on the warpath
"Love me Sweet"
Time passes
"The Battlers" epilogue

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Café Concertino
The Australia Ensemble
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP002

The Australia Ensemble is Australia's foremost chamber music group. It is in residence at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In this CD the Australia Ensemble plays a selection of Australian chamber music that it has either commissioned or has performed many times.


Carl VineCafé Concertino
Martin Wesley-SmithWhite Knight and Beaver
Nigel WestlakeRefractions at Summer Cloud Bay
Gillian WhiteheadManutaki
Mark IsaacsSo it Does

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Carl Vine: Chamber Music Volume 1
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP013

A selection of Carl Vine's chamber works gathered together for the first time. They reveal a composer of great intelligence, wit and emotion - a powerful combination. The performers are Australia's best, and in most cases, are playing music that has been written especially for them.

Flederman was the chamber group co-founded by Carl Vine and Simone de Haan. It is now defunct, but through these recordings we can hear just what a marvellous ensemble it was.


Music by Carl Vine
Piano Sonata (1990)Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)
Love Song (1986)Simone de Haan (trombone)
Café Concertino (1984)Australia Ensemble
Miniature III (1983)Flederman Ensemble
Percussion Concerto (1987)David Hewitt (percussion)
Elegy (1985)Flederman Ensemble

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Carl Vine: Chamber Music Volume 2
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP120

This disc features the world premiere recordings of Vine's Piano Sonata No. 2 by Michael Kieran Harvey, and of his Third String Quartet by the Tall Poppies Quartet (John Harding and Georges Lentz - violins, Esther van Stralen - viola, David Pereira - cello). Other tracks previously released on the Tall Poppies label are included here to complete this compendium of Vine's chamber music of the last decade.


Piano Sonata No. 2 (1997)Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)
Sonata for Flute and Piano (1992)Geoffrey Collins (flute)
David Miller (piano)
String Quartet No. 3 (1994)Tall Poppies String Quartet:
John Harding (violin)
Georges Lentz (violin)
Esther van Stralen (viola)
David Pereira (cello)
Five Bagatelles (1994)Ian Munro (piano)
Inner World (1994)David Pereira (cello)

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Music details: Five Bagatelles   Inner World   Piano Sonata No. 2   Sonata for Flute and Piano   String Quartet No. 3  
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Carl Vine: The Piano Music (1990-2006)
Michael Kieran Harvey - piano
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP190

This is the first complete recorded collection of Carl Vine's piano music, and includes the world premiere recording of The Anne Landa Preludes (2006). Prodigiously gifted Australian pianist, Michael Kieran Harvey, has a long association with Vine, having premiered both of his sonatas as well as the Piano Concerto (1997).

As well as featuring the premiere recording of the Preludes this disc includes brand new recordings of Vine's Five Bagatelles, Red Blues and his signature keyboard work, the First Piano Sonata. The recording of the Second Piano Sonata is reproduced here from Harvey's earlier Tall Poppies release, Chamber Music Volume 2 (catalog number TP120).


Richard Whitehouse, Gramophone Magazine, March 2007
Authoritative Performances from a Vine champion

Among the piano music of the past quarter-century, Carl Vine's holds a considerable place through its scintillating technique and far from facile immediacy. Both of his sonatas adopt the two-movement format favoured in the Baroque and early Classical eras, but their expressive ambit is distinctly that of the late 20th century. The First (1990) draws on Carter's imposing model in its emphasis on contrasts of motion and texture to create a powerfully cumulative whole, with the Second (1998) focusing instead on more fully defined themes whose eventful transformation brings about the overall form.

Both of these works are superbly realised by Michael Kieran Harvey, who championed the First and commissioned the Second, and who is equally authoritative in the smaller pieces. Five Bagatelles (1995) explore modest but characterful qualities - culminating in a finely sustained "Threnody" - as does the even briefer Red Blues (1999), albeit from the perspective of young students (which does not make them easy). Expressively more diverse, The Anne Landa Preludes (2006) are deftly achieved evocations whose individual titles offer possible points of reference, moving intently towards a "Chorale" whose profundity is achieved without overt religious connotations. Clearly Vine is as able looking inwardly as he is projecting dynamic exuberance.

A pity that the excellence of the recorded sound in these works is not shared by the sonatas, with their tendency to coarsen at climaxes, but this is a small blemish on an otherwise excellent release - which, with informative notes by composer and pianist, is strongly recommended.

Martin Anderson, International Piano Magazine, Jan-Feb 2007

The works on this CD present all the piano music written by the Australian composer Carl Vine (b. 1954) from 1990 (the First Piano Sonata) until some point last year (the recordings date from three occasions between February 1999 and May 2006). If you're familiar with Vine's orchestral music you won't be surprised to find that his piano music comes with a similar charge of high-voltage rhythmic energy. The two-movement Piano Sonata No 1, explicitly modelled on Elliott Carter's Piano Sonata of 1946, starts deceptively, though: sleepy, bluesy chords suggest langorous summer heat, but the piece soon erupts into a headlong toccata, sounding something like Minimalist Prokofiev before it subsides back into its uneasy calm. The second movement is a breathless moto perpetuo built on motorically repeated phrases, dying into a chorale section that seems to hint at sunken cathedrals under a rather Celtic decorated melody in the treble; the mad race then resumes. The First Sonata (recorded on a Steinway D in 2004) acts as exemplar for much else that's on the disc. The 1998 Second Sonata (captured on a Stuart & Sons instrument in 1999), again in two movements, offers the same mix of wildly exciting motoric rhythm offset by passages of angular melody and chordal calm.

The other three works here are built from series of miniatures: the Five Bagatelles date from 1994, Red Blues (four pieces for young performers) from 1999 and The Anne Landa Preludes - 12 of them, exactly 24 minutes in length - from 2006. They show in microcosm the same kinds of contrasts as you find in the sonatas: toccatas, blues, laments, manic boogie-woogies. The whimsy in Vine's programme note on The Anne Landa Preludes - commissioned in memory of a Sydney supporter of the arts - is reflected in the grim humour that pervades much of the music.

Michael Kieran Harvey plays like a man possessed: he flies at Vine's breakneck explosions of energy like a pitbull at a postman, maintaining absolute textural clarity whatever the tempo. The recordings are commendably clear but have minor shortcomings: the First Sonata and miniatures have too much halo, and the Second is too distant.


(composer and pianist stay in constant touch during recording sessions)

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Music details: Piano Sonata No. 1   Piano Sonata No. 2   Five Bagatelles   Red Blues   Anne Landa Preludes (The)  
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Christmas Under Capricorn
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP016

The Australian Youth Orchestra
with Graham Abbott (conductor)

The Australian Youth Orchestra plays 19 Christmas carols arranged especially for this recording by Australian composers and conducted by Graham Abbott. The two carols that have each been set twice make very interesting comparisons. The music is immensely listenable, and you can give it away for Christmas with impunity!

The selection of works includes "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" arranged by Carl Vine as a slow waltz as part of his music to the ballet "A Christmas Carol".

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Music details: A Christmas Carol  
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The Electric Cello
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP180

David Pereira plays solo Australian cello music, each piece scored for cello with either pre-recorded tape or delay. The works by Wesley-Smith and Ford are world premiere recordings. The Vine is a brand new recording, and shows how well this work responds to very differing interpretations. Roger Smalley's work has previously only been recorded in the UK, and this recording sounds very different! The Westlake is a new interpretation of one of his most popular and enduring works by Pereira. All the music was recorded in a new studio located in rustic Kangaroo Valley, NSW (south of Sydney) and the recording engineer was Christo Curtis, one of Australia's very finest.


Carl VineInner World for cello and sampled cello
Roger SmalleyEcho II for cello and two digital delays
Martin Wesley-SmithWelcome to the Hotel Turismo for cello & CD
Andrew FordMemorial for solo cello with digital delay
Nigel WestlakeOnomatopoeia for solo cello & delay

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Music details: Inner World  
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Tall Poppies cat. no. TP161

Esther van Stralen (viola)

Esther van Stralen is the Dutch-born violist who was for many years the Principal Viola of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Her wide-ranging repertoire interests have driven the selection of music in this recording, which ranges from stylistically rendered earlier works performed on a baroque viola, to a huge variety of contemporary music.


John CageDream for viola and viola ensemble
Heinrich Alois PraegerTwelve Easy Preludes
Carl VineMiniature I for solo viola
Gordon KerryEtude for solo viola
Krzysztof PendereckiCadenza for solo viola
Myriam MarbePrologo and Aria for viola and tape
Benjamin BrittenElegy
Carl VineMiniature II for two violas
Georg Philipp TelemannFantasia no 7

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Graeme Murphy's Body of Work
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP146

For 25 years the Sydney Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Graeme Murphy, has dominated the Australian dance scene. Murphy has always had a special mission to commission and promote new Australian music for dance, and this CD presents a small selection of some of the most successful scores.

A huge range of musical styles includes the cheeky Tango from Vine's celebrated score to Poppy, the night club stylings of Iva Davies, the gentle melodic invention of Graeme Koehne and the powerful orchestral work of Conyngham. This CD also includes Vine's monumental first Piano Sonata played by Michael Kieran Harvey.


Carl VinePoppy (Tango)
Graeme KoehneThe Selfish Giant
Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra
Stephen Barlow, conductor
Iva Davies and Robert KretschmerBoxes
Graeme KoehneNearly Beloved
Barry ConynghamVast
Australian Youth Orchestra
John Hopkins, conductor
Carl VinePiano Sonata
Michael Kieran Harvey, piano
Martin ArmigerFornicon
Iva Davies and Max LambertBerlin

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Music details: Piano Sonata No. 1   Poppy  
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Inner World
David Pereira (cello)
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP101

Written especially for Pereira, this work has an electronic background derived solely from Pereira's playing and transformed with genius by Vine to an integrated accompaniment for the live solo cello. This is also Australia's first classical CD single.


Carl VineInner World

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Music details: Inner World  
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Lift Off
Australian Piano Music for Children
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP143

Elpis Liossatos (piano)

An engaging collection of piano music written by Australian composers to appeal to the imaginations of the young. Liossatos is an Australian pianist currently living in Greece, and she brings charm and enthusiasm to these performances. All in all, a delightful introduction to the many compositional styles co-existing in Australia. The works selected include two of the "Red Blues" piano grade pieces written by Carl Vine.

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Music details: Red Blues  
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Mere Bagatelles
Ian Munro (piano)
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP080

As an overview of Australian composition in the 90s, this CD couldn't be bettered. A musicianly look at the piano repertoire and astoundingly good performances.


Carl VineFive Bagatelles
Peter SculthorpeSimori
David LumsdainePostcard Pieces
Keith Humble8 Bagatelles
Nigel ButterleyArioso
Nigel ButterleyComment on a Popular Song
Nigel ButterleyIl gubbo
Ian MunroReturn
Ian MunroThe Forest
Elliott GygerThreshold
Colin BrightEarth Flowering Time
Ann GhandarFour Bagatelles
Amanda Bakerfrom Five Bagatelles
John Woolrichfrom Pianobooks
Martin Wesley-SmithWaltz

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Music details: Five Bagatelles  
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Musica Viva 60th Anniversary
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP176

Australia Ensemble
Goldner String Quartet
Takács Quartet

This new CD celebrates the achievements of Musica Viva Australia in fostering new Australian chamber music over the last 60 years. Since 1945, Music Viva has been involved in the creation of nearly 100 new works from a wide range of Australian composers in a programme that continues to develop an original body of Australian chamber music. The complete list of these works is included with the CD.

The music presented here spans a period of nearly 30 years, including the most recent - Carl Vine’s String Quartet no 4. The world premiere of this exciting new work was given by the renowned Takács Quartet during their 2004 Musica Viva concert tour of Australia, with the performance on this disc being recorded by ABC Classic-FM Radio during their Hobart performance.

The other four works are performed by the Australia Ensemble and the Goldner String Quartet, and written by Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards, Gordon Kerry, and jazz pianist and composer Mark Isaacs. The music is wonderful and the performances are superlative.


Peter Sculthorpe: String Quartet No 9 (1975)Goldner String Quartet
Ross Edwards: Laikan (1979)Australia Ensemble
Gordon Kerry: Sonata da camera (1991)Australia Ensemble
Mark Isaacs: So It Does (1985)Australia Ensemble
Carl Vine: String Quartet No 4 (2004)Takács Quartet (live concert recording)

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Music details: String Quartet No. 4  
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Carl Vine
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Tall Poppies cat. no. TP149

Mythologia amazed audiences and critics alike when it debuted at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival. Graeme Murphy's choreography was breath-taking, Carl Vine's music has attracted wide-spread acclaim, and the live performance by the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has placed that group firmly on the map of international performers worth hearing!

By arrangement with the Sydney Dance Company this music from the dance has been edited specifically for CD by the composer, and features a brand new studio recording by the choir. The CD also boasts an astounding cover created by Myth Design in collaboration with photographer/stylist Richard de Chazal.


Sc. I
Sc. II
Sc. IV
Sc. V
Sc. VI
Sc. IX
Sc. X
Hylas & the Argo
The First Olympic Games
Zeus & Ganymede
The Ceryneian Hind
Zeus & Callisto
Eurytus' Banquet
Omphale & Herakles
Callisto Exiled
Hylas & Herakles
the songs ...
phainetai moi (Prelude)
phainetai moi (Sc. X)
ôs gar es (Sc. IV)
alla kai Amphitrüônos (Sc. VIII)
Olympic Anthem


Some of the earliest accounts of the Olympic Games come from the Greek poet Pindar (6th century BC) who was renowned for his Odes celebrating victors of the games at Delphi, Nemea, Isthmus of Corinth and at Olympia (the 'Olympic' Games). These victory odes, or 'epinicians', were commissioned by winning athletes or by their family, and sung by a choir of men and boys at some suitable occasion. It is in these choral tributes that Pindar names the great god-hero Herakles as the founder of the Olympic Games, and as the ultimate champion to which all others aspire.

In Mythologia we have created our own Olympic Ode in the manner of Pindar, but with Herakles himself as both champion and main subject. Like Pindar, the amazing exploits of Herakles are sung by a choir, and like Pindar we digress into other myths and tales linked directly or indirectly to the hero. There seemed little point in regurgitating Herakles' best known achievements, such as the famous 'Twelve Labours', so we have delved deeper into the byways of Greek Mythology to uncover some of its least trodden paths.

Mythologia - The Reader's Digest Version

Through the mists of time we glimpse the ever-travelling Argonauts. A beautiful youth comes forward - he is dragged into the water and drowns.

sc. I - The First Olympic Games [10 min]
Herakles magnificent, devises the Games and shows off. He invokes Zeus to bless the Games. Wreath and celebrations.

sc. II - Ganymede [6 min]
Zeus turns into an eagle and flies off with Ganymede.

sc. III - The Keryneian Hind [9 min]
The Golden Hind dances alone - then hunted by Herakles. Herakles bound by Artemis and her 'troop', then escapes. The hind is revealed to be Kallisto, Artemis' favourite.

sc. IV - Zeus and Kallisto [7 min]
Kallisto alone, rests in the woods - Zeus changes into Artemis. They dance. Zeus changes back to Zeus and brutally rapes her.

sc. V - Eurytus’ Banquet [5 min]
Drunken party; Herakles turns nasty and kills a guest (Iphitus). Zeus interrupts everything; condemns Herakles to servitude under Omphale (the Barbarian Mistress).

sc. VI - Herakles in Servitude [8 min]
Omphale treats him as a slave maiden. Pan spies them and falls madly in love with Omphale. (Whips, etc) Pan comes at night to rape, but picks the wrong petticoat and is thrown to the wall.

Interlude - the Argonauts Passing By [3 min]

sc. VII - Kallisto Exiled [7 min]
Kallisto refuses to bathe with Artemis and troop - revealed pregnant. She is reviled by Artemis, turned into a Bear, then exiled.

sc. VIII - Herakles and Hylas [7 min]
Love duo dancing the 'story' of Herakles metting Hylas. Maenads watch, becoming increasingly aroused.

sc. IX - Bacchanalia [6 min]
Pan joins Maenads and Satyrs for a full Bacchanalia.

sc. X - The Argonauts [4 min]
The Argonauts finally come into full focus - Rowing Contest which is won by Herakles. Hylas looks on in admiration.

sc. XI - Hylas Leaves [6 min]
Hylas goes to fetch water, and is drowned by Maenads of the pond. Herakles goes mad with loss, and is left alone on this island. The Argonauts continue on their voyage without Herakles.

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The Potato Factory
Film soundtrack
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP148

This is the soundtrack for the mini-series of Bryce Courtenay's The Potato Factory produced by Screentime and Columbia-TriStar Television. It stars Lisa McCune, Ben Cross and Sonia Todd, and first screened on the Channel 7 Network (Australia) in July 2000.


Streets of London3:28
Young Love Goes Wrong2:47
Mary's Hands3:14
Mary's First Job3:06
Egyptian Mary2:36
Ikey's Shopped2:52
Ikey Escapes3:20
Transportation to the Colonies3:12
Hannah the Viper3:09
Ikey & Mary3:50
Business in the Colonies1:28
Tommo & Hawk2:32
Going Bush4:46
Ikey's Safe4:15

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Music details: Potato Factory (The)  
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Geoffrey Collins - flutes
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP069

Geoffrey Collins (flutes)
David Miller (piano)
David Pereira (cello)

Collins has singlehandedly created the Australian flute repertoire and this is his third solo recording. Five of these works were written for Collins, and show that he inspires composers to feel free to write whatever they like!


Carl VineSonata for Flute and Piano
Roger SmalleyCeremony III (solo flute)
Nigel ButterleyThe wind stirs gently (flute and cello)
Andrew FordSpinning (solo alto flute)
Keith HumbleSonata (flute and piano)
Ross EdwardsEcstatic Dances (two flutes)
Martin Wesley-SmithBalibo (flute and tape)

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Music details: Sonata for Flute and Piano  
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Tall Poppies 10th Birthday Sampler
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP158

The many works on this CD have been chosen to highlight the performers and composers whose work has been recorded and released by Tall Poppies in the years leading up to its Tenth Birthday in 2002. This very personal selection was made by the Managing Director of Tall Poppies, Ms Belinda Webster, and includes the Olympic Anthem ('Ariston men hudor')
from Carl Vine's work 'Mythologia'.

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Music details: Mythologia  
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Tall Poppies cat. no. TP074

Electronic music gathered from 20 years of WATT concert presentations, compiled into a 2-CD set. WATT is the only organisation in Australia regularly presenting audio-visual and electronic works. This compilation covers the gamut of two decades and brings some composers' work to CD for the first time.


CD One
Martin Wesley-SmithDah Dit Dah Dah
Carl Vine3 BBC Exercises
Jon DrummondSea, Frogs & Magpies
Jim FranklinRolling
Adrian LucaOpiate of the Masses Part II
Anthony HoodMunyun
Julian KnowlesTherefore, I ...
Carl VineArray
Ian FredericksViable Alternatives
CD Two
Adrian KeenanEx Terra (excerpt)
Tony JonesMandala
Julian Knowles/Rik RueHeavy Industry
Gordon MonroMandala 1086
Rik RueA Longer View
Greg WhiteOrchid
Robert DouglasHomage to Bessemer
Greg SchiemerPolyphonic Variations
wattThe Rosella Sisters and
the Rainbow Eel (excerpt)

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Music details: 3 BBC Exercises   Array  
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