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CD Listing :: The Battlers

Film soundtrack
Tall Poppies cat. no. TP024

This music originated as the soundtrack for a television mini-series. The music is easy on the ears and shows Vine as the consummate composer for film. His ability to evoke mood is an outstanding feature of this CD. The Tall Poppies Orchestra is conducted by David Stanhope, and features soprano Jane Edwards.


Film music by Carl Vine
"The Battlers" Suite
"The Battlers" Main Theme
Dancy as Stranger
Dancy's theme revealed
"Moving on"
Dancy's first yarn
Snow goes home
Snow confronts his family
Dancy rescues Snow
Snow's troubles
Dancy teases Snow
The storm
The Apostle arrives
Snow in hospital
Snow says goodbye
Charlie the traindriver
Dancy and Jimmy together
Dancy and Jimmy get closer
Looking for Dancy
On the Road
Jimmy visits prison
The wedding and prison
Molly on the warpath
"Love me Sweet"
Time passes
"The Battlers" epilogue

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