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cat. no. ABC 456 698-2

Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)
Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir
Edo de Waart (conductor)

This CD marked the first commercial release of Vine's "Piano Concerto", and the first complete recording of his first six symphonies. The completely renovated version of Sypmhony No. 4 was written expressly for the release of this recording. Symphonies 1 to 6 have since been released together as a two-CD anthology, The Complete Symphonies (2006).

The following description is provided by ABC Classics Records:

The long-awaited new recording from one of Australia’s most popular composers. Carl Vine, composer of much-loved concert works and film scores, has produced a Choral Symphony in the grand tradition of Beethoven and Vaughan Williams and as heard on ABC Classic FM. This popular work has been performed by orchestras and choirs all over Australia, and is finally available on CD in a scintillating performance by the Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Vine's dark and dramatic Choral Symphony tells the story of Creation using the myths of ancient Babylonia. In a completely different and lighter style, the Piano Concerto is a virtuosic work written for the gifted Michael Kieran Harvey. The slow movements is one of the most lyrical that Carl Vine has ever composed, evoking sophisticated and piquant ‘French’ harmonies to beautiful effect.

The disc is rounded off by a brand new revision of Carl Vine’s Symphony No. 4, now called Symphony No. 4.2, which is a single movement juxtaposing many moods, from brooding and shadowy to brilliant and songful.


Piano Concerto (1997) 23:11
Symphony No. 4.2 (1998)19:26
Choral Symphony (1996)
(Symphony No. 6)

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