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Carl Vine
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Tall Poppies cat. no. TP149

Mythologia amazed audiences and critics alike when it debuted at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival. Graeme Murphy's choreography was breath-taking, Carl Vine's music has attracted wide-spread acclaim, and the live performance by the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has placed that group firmly on the map of international performers worth hearing!

By arrangement with the Sydney Dance Company this music from the dance has been edited specifically for CD by the composer, and features a brand new studio recording by the choir. The CD also boasts an astounding cover created by Myth Design in collaboration with photographer/stylist Richard de Chazal.


Sc. I
Sc. II
Sc. IV
Sc. V
Sc. VI
Sc. IX
Sc. X
Hylas & the Argo
The First Olympic Games
Zeus & Ganymede
The Ceryneian Hind
Zeus & Callisto
Eurytus' Banquet
Omphale & Herakles
Callisto Exiled
Hylas & Herakles
the songs ...
phainetai moi (Prelude)
phainetai moi (Sc. X)
ôs gar es (Sc. IV)
alla kai Amphitrüônos (Sc. VIII)
Olympic Anthem


Some of the earliest accounts of the Olympic Games come from the Greek poet Pindar (6th century BC) who was renowned for his Odes celebrating victors of the games at Delphi, Nemea, Isthmus of Corinth and at Olympia (the 'Olympic' Games). These victory odes, or 'epinicians', were commissioned by winning athletes or by their family, and sung by a choir of men and boys at some suitable occasion. It is in these choral tributes that Pindar names the great god-hero Herakles as the founder of the Olympic Games, and as the ultimate champion to which all others aspire.

In Mythologia we have created our own Olympic Ode in the manner of Pindar, but with Herakles himself as both champion and main subject. Like Pindar, the amazing exploits of Herakles are sung by a choir, and like Pindar we digress into other myths and tales linked directly or indirectly to the hero. There seemed little point in regurgitating Herakles' best known achievements, such as the famous 'Twelve Labours', so we have delved deeper into the byways of Greek Mythology to uncover some of its least trodden paths.

Mythologia - The Reader's Digest Version

Through the mists of time we glimpse the ever-travelling Argonauts. A beautiful youth comes forward - he is dragged into the water and drowns.

sc. I - The First Olympic Games [10 min]
Herakles magnificent, devises the Games and shows off. He invokes Zeus to bless the Games. Wreath and celebrations.

sc. II - Ganymede [6 min]
Zeus turns into an eagle and flies off with Ganymede.

sc. III - The Keryneian Hind [9 min]
The Golden Hind dances alone - then hunted by Herakles. Herakles bound by Artemis and her 'troop', then escapes. The hind is revealed to be Kallisto, Artemis' favourite.

sc. IV - Zeus and Kallisto [7 min]
Kallisto alone, rests in the woods - Zeus changes into Artemis. They dance. Zeus changes back to Zeus and brutally rapes her.

sc. V - Eurytus’ Banquet [5 min]
Drunken party; Herakles turns nasty and kills a guest (Iphitus). Zeus interrupts everything; condemns Herakles to servitude under Omphale (the Barbarian Mistress).

sc. VI - Herakles in Servitude [8 min]
Omphale treats him as a slave maiden. Pan spies them and falls madly in love with Omphale. (Whips, etc) Pan comes at night to rape, but picks the wrong petticoat and is thrown to the wall.

Interlude - the Argonauts Passing By [3 min]

sc. VII - Kallisto Exiled [7 min]
Kallisto refuses to bathe with Artemis and troop - revealed pregnant. She is reviled by Artemis, turned into a Bear, then exiled.

sc. VIII - Herakles and Hylas [7 min]
Love duo dancing the 'story' of Herakles metting Hylas. Maenads watch, becoming increasingly aroused.

sc. IX - Bacchanalia [6 min]
Pan joins Maenads and Satyrs for a full Bacchanalia.

sc. X - The Argonauts [4 min]
The Argonauts finally come into full focus - Rowing Contest which is won by Herakles. Hylas looks on in admiration.

sc. XI - Hylas Leaves [6 min]
Hylas goes to fetch water, and is drowned by Maenads of the pond. Herakles goes mad with loss, and is left alone on this island. The Argonauts continue on their voyage without Herakles.

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