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YouTube Links

YouTube contains many clips of Carl's music
of varied levels of utility. The recordings below
are endorsed by the composer.
Piano Sonata no 1 (Babayan) youtu.be/mgotiypVrmo
Piano Sonata no 1 (Yang) youtu.be/wi__DyLXUNI
Piano Sonata no 1 (Harvey) youtu.be/F89fz09pbHs
Piano Sonata no 1 (Xiaoya Liu) youtu.be/QoAcMoblZks
Piano Sonata no 2 (Harvey) youtu.be/KAb1QTg1x8w
Piano Sonata no 2 (Xiaoya Liu) youtu.be/TYJiAybSxvo
Piano Sonata no 3 (Zhdanov) youtu.be/t8iBhmhzfQE
Piano Sonata no 3 (Akselrud) youtu.be/ZePPBP9rgZU?t=1928
Piano Sonata no 3 (Xiaoya Liu) youtu.be/0hwvb412TWs
Piano Sonata no 4 (Garritson) youtu.be/gFnjifNn9to
Piano Sonata no 4 (Xiaoya Liu) youtu.be/xSv5kKcyTMs
Toccatissimo (Prommachart) youtu.be/2-R-lR5lO4U
Toccatissimo (Garritson) youtu.be/gOMWE9QBvgw
Anne Landa Preludes (Boren) youtu.be/fFqJKPg2yaE
Five Bagatelles (Garritson) youtu.be/z2aOF6lIM0Q
Threnody (Feitz) youtu.be/BtclwLgB8hc
Sonata for Piano Four Hands (ZOFO) youtu.be/-T47Vk08x6I
- - -
MicroSymphony (MSO) youtu.be/95HkgwCulZM?t=104
Symphony No 2 (SSO) youtu.be/wa3_U3jldrk
Symphony No 3 (SSO) youtu.be/9_uDS5HF65M
Symphony No 4.2 (SSO) youtu.be/GenQRXzm-_o
Percussion Symphony (SSO) youtu.be/3BVcPl3_nj0 (Symphony No 5)
Choral Symphony (SSO) youtu.be/ryX2xEjf3wQ (Symphony No 6)
The Enchanted Loom (MSO/Davis) youtu.be/iEIz7OKfq9E (Symphony No 8)
- - -
Concerto for Orchestra (MSO/Davis) youtu.be/IUhl4hkx58c
V (MSO/Davis) youtu.be/cTQCKVyiT1c
Smith's Alchemy (SSO/Young) youtu.be/4pp0dQP7bYQ
Piano Concerto no 1 (Harvey/SSO) youtu.be/PcGBPjaeInI
Pipe Dreams (Bezaly/ACO) youtu.be/H0f-Y5I9fpg
Celebrare Celeberrime (SSO) youtu.be/oDyS8lTIP5Q
Canzona (TSO) youtu.be/TTZ0hPNd6fY
A Farewell to Music (Huntington 2019) youtu.be/oi0oOjsG1s0?t=226
Love Me Sweet ("The Battlers") youtu.be/K-Pfy9AFXKk
Advance Australia Fair (var.) youtu.be/WqkHYVOaljI
- - -
String Quartet no 2 (GSQ) youtu.be/uDoYiX9xJxk
String Quartet no 3 (GSQ) youtu.be/Hmw6AqKJ48Y
String Quartet no 4 (GSQ) youtu.be/ChaDDbCSZls
String Quartet no 5 (GSQ) youtu.be/ue-peOan3aM
Knips del Fuego (GSQ) youtu.be/fC6DbHItphM
The Village (Benaud Trio) youtu.be/sRxWZZhGkX0
Flute Sonata (Still/Gosling) youtu.be/ZM1YiFKL0Z0
Café Concertino (Australia Ensemble) youtu.be/G_REg3e_aFg
Inner World (Steven Isserlis) youtu.be/BB12JS-pwpQ

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