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Love Song
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Love Song
solo trombone, or bass clarinet, or horn, with CD accompaniment
duration 6:50  © 1986 Wise Music Group
Performed by Simone de Haan on the Tall Poppies CD Carl Vine: Chamber Music Volume 1
Performed by Michael Mulcahy on the Eric Klay CD Full Circle
on iTunes: [1]
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Program Note:

"Love Song" was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, Perth-born trombonist Simone de Haan. Written after a long period in which both Simone and I had been involved in the performance of a great deal of intellectually, technically and physically demanding music, it is concerned more with the purely lyrical aspects of musical performance. While demanding considerable stamina on the part of a live trombonist, the long sustained notes throughout the work function as a "warm-up" for the player's embrouchure, culminating in some of the highest notes available to a tenor trombone.

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