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Celebrare Celeberrime
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Celebrare Celeberrime
(an orchestral fanfare)
orchestra timp, 3pc, hp, strings
duration 5:00  © 1993 Faber Music
Available on CD Carl Vine - Complete Symphonies 1-6
Available on CD Celebrare
Available on CD Celebrare
Available on CD Sydney Symphony Under Sails

sample performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edo de Waart
on iTunes: [1] [2] [3] [4]
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Program Note:

"Celebrare Celeberrime" : to celebrate to the full and with greatest speed. This title appealed not only as a suitable approach to honour the 60th birthday of the Dayton Philharmonic, but also as a general philosophy of living one's life to the fullest. In the context of such a short work for full orchestra the intention was to lead, as quickly as possible, to a sense of joy and excitement without dwelling on the grandiose. The finale of this little, joyous work is intended to sound precipitous rather than declamatory, hopefully leading the audience on to anything that might follow it.

Celebrare Celeberrime was commissioned by the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in celebration of its 60th Anniversary Season, and is dedicated to its conductor, Maestro Isaiah Jackson.

... immediately engaging with its lifting horn melody, lively fanfares, comfortable harmonies and easy-to-follow trajectory ... [Marc Stryker, Dayton Daily News, Jan 13, 1994]

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